I tend to jump into the big things in life. Make a split second heart-based decision on what feels right. To move country…to walk away from my career…to get married.

This is how I follow my gut instinct before my mind catches up and inevitably screams: “What on EARTH are you doing?! I’m trying to keep you safe around here…and now you go and do this, without my permission?!?!”

10 years ago today, I married this man. I leapt and then dealt with the consequences of the fear later!

Because when you grow up witnessing a less than wonderful marriage between your parents, it seems like a huge risk to throw yourself into the very same situation.

Marriage never looked too healthy and respectful to me growing up.

I learned to stay safe and protected by not opening myself up to be hurt by others. (I was a really happy single person 😊)

It took some serious reprogramming for me to open up to the possibilities of intimacy! To open up and show someone else exactly who you are…and still be loved for it.

Thanks to my husband for holding a safe space for me to turn up as myself in all my human messiness and loving me through it all.

No matter what start you had in life, it’s possible to create something different.

No matter how good you’ve become at relying only on yourself, it’s possible to open up and trust you can be supported.

No matter what you think you deserve, it’s possible to open up to more.


Niamh x