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Hi, I’m Niamh!  (pronounced ‘Neev’)


I specialise in helping empathic, intuitive and visionary women begin to trust themselves fully, reclaim their soul gifts and purpose and show up in their power and leadership. 

You will know it is time to work with me if you have been feeling a pull to show up more fully in your work or personal life, to express yourself freely and powerfully and to become the wayshower, creator and leader you suspect you are on the inside.

But you are being held back by self-doubt, old conditioning about who you are supposed to be in life, fear and panic about the unknown and perhaps a lack of clear understanding of who you truly are.

Now is the time for a very different person to have their voice heard, their contribution recognised and their gifts used to heal, change and rebalance our world. We need sensitive, visionary people like you becoming visible, getting well compensated for your work and standing powerfully in your truth.

But this is not work that should be done alone. I am here to guide, support and heal you through your blocks and into more joy, freedom and expression than you currently realise is possible… 

What Support Do You Need Most?

Your Personal Becoming


The challenges and difficulties of your life can be a turning point. Even if it feels overwhelming or impossible right now.

Each crisis we experience can be a portal into more freedom, liberation and contentment. Because our challenges contain within them the medicine we need to heal, to forgive and to reclaim parts of ourselves we had forgotten or ignored.

Understanding the medicine at the heart of our struggles is the key to transformation.

Let me help you understand the story that is playing out for you, unravel unhelpful beliefs, identify the lessons life is trying to teach you and reclaim the soul gifts at the centre of it all. So that you can use this time as an opportunity to become more of who you are and turn your questions into clarity and self-compassion.

Choose from 1:1 energy healing and intuitive readings or a beautiful group course…

Your Business Becoming


Once you have been on your own personal journey for long enough, you may wish to offer your wisdom back to others. Even if it feels too big, or like a leap into the unknown.

Whether you are already a number of years into running your business…or just starting out. You may have an idea that just won’t leave you alone. A niggling calling inside you. Something that wants to be born.

You are ready to dream bigger, to grow and uplevel, to dive deep and explore what is really possible for you. To align your work with its highest possible impact.

But this way of working isn’t the norm. Business courses are not made with your work in mind. 

And it feels like no one really understands the fears and blocks that come with simply expressing your ideas, showing up as yourself and becoming who you are.

When birthing a new (or new level!) of a soul-led business, you need to go much deeper…and receive a specific type of support that honours your deep gifts, holds space for you to move through all your fears and – crucially – mirrors back to you who you truly are at a soul level so that you can believe in the possibility of your potential.

I offer transformative once-off sessions and longer-term support to help you move into your true, easeful and abundant soul work in the world

What People Are Saying

Niamh was like my life saver this year. Without her empathy, understanding of my work situation, the questions she raised and the awesome Reiki, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. I felt great after each session and still feel great months later.
I recommend Reiki with Niamh to everyone!

Niamh has an amazing gift of powerful intuition and hit the nail completely on the head when we were talking about what was going on for me.

The sessions with her helped me find a balance that I hadn’t felt in quite a while.

Often when you go to a new therapist, I think it feels difficult at first to explain what’s going on and to let go of the feeling of being judged.  I didn’t once feel that with Niamh. I felt really understood, uplifted, calmer and stronger every time I left.  

You will come away feeling lighter, stronger and with a feeling of being held – that really lasts.  I cannot recommend working with Niamh highly enough.
Bernie Creaner

Doula, Liffey Doulas

Lost, confused and absolutely exhausted is how I would have described myself before going into Niamh.

My sessions with her were transformative. I feel like they unlocked parts of myself that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time. I am so much stronger and happier as a direct result.

I would absolutely recommend Niamh to anyone who is ready to make changes, who wants to shift their perspective, find inner strength or who just wants to stop and reset. I cannot speak more highly of Niamh and what she does.
Jessica Ryan

I would, most definitely, recommend Niamh – I’ll be telling everyone I meet!

Even now, days after the reiki, I feel much calmer and able to put things into perspective. I slept so well that night and woke up the next morning with a new sense of resolve and calm.

Rachael Sharp, Dublin

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