Create an Abundant Business

that Feels like Home


Once-off, Longer-Term & Group Offerings to

build the nourishing, impactful business your soul dreams of

…without selling out or burning out

There comes a time when you are ready to offer back to others what you have learned in your life…and creating a beautiful business is necessary.

Or when you are ready to bring your current business into greater alignment with the person you are now becoming and your true values.

Business is the new frontier for Wise Women and holds the potential for great personal healing,  transformation in the world around us…BUT ALSO great fear in showing up exactly as we are.

You are here because you feel called to build something very different to what you see around you…or what you’ve been taught a business should be.

I offer both 1:1 and group support to help you steer your business in a way that supports and nourishes you both energetically and financially. While holding you through all your fears and doubts along the way.

My Offerings

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An Alchemy Session is a wonderful deep dive into all your big business (and life!) questions.

This is the place to bring all your challenges, questions, confusion and frustrations about where you are at in creating or expanding your business.

Receive in return some deep soul-level and Human Design insights and guidance, combined with an energy healing that will get things moving and shifting for you on a cellular level. 

You may want to know about your correct strategy, message, marketing or ideal clients. Or it may be that you need reassurance about a new direction or clarity on what is possible for you at your highest expression.

You will walk away from this session with a greater knowledge of who you are, where you are going in your business and how you can best support yourself in reaching your inherent potential.

For most of us, once-off sessions here and there are just not enough to create real change. 

You need a very different and personalised experience that helps soothe your nervous system, feel seen and understood and receive clear and helpful guidance each step of your journey.

Over a period of either 3 or 6 months, I will hold fierce, safe, loving space for you to get clear on where you are being guided in your life right now, plant seeds of your big vision and intentions, gently unravel any blocks and old conditioning holding you back and walk step-by-step towards who you are becoming.

Using Human Design, Gene Keys, Channeled Wisdom, Soul Insight and Energy Work.

You have deep wisdom in you. Let’s bring it into the world…

The Return is a year-long group incubator and catalyst for your business becoming

A small group of 10 women who form a mixture of a coven, a council and a business mastermind. 

We will cook up spells for how business can be different and a sacred, healing offering for ourselves and our communities.

Our businesses can be both nourishing for us and for the world. We can use them to heal our own and our family wounds and show up as who we truly are.

We can also use them to embed new values into the world. To practice business with intention. Because the ‘how’ of our businesses is just as important as the ‘what’. The ‘how’ is how we change culture.