A background picture of a path through a dark forest with an opening into the sunshine in the distance. Over the image is the title of a programme called "The Return" with the subtitle "A year-long journey into the full power and possibility of your soul work"

Own Your Wisdom, Rewild Your Business, Claim the Vastness of Your Soul Work

What is The Return?

The Return is a transformative 12-month journey into the full power and possibility of your work

& a business that feels joyful, abundant and sustainable.

It is a deep reclamation of the Wise Woman archetype.

As a wayshower, you are not here to struggle with trying to fit your business into the small spaces allowed for you. You are supposed to have a bigger voice, sharing your wisdom, vision and gifts without apology.

To have a transformative effect on the world.

Your business can be sacred. It can be healing for both you and the world around you. It can be a spell you are casting and a seed you are planting for a better future. It can break all the rules and still thrive.

It’s time for the Wise Woman in us all to come out of hiding and take her place back at the centre of our culture.

Let’s make this journey…together

A Container

This will be a small, intimate group of just 8-10 women to ensure you get plenty of personal attention. You will be expertly and compassionately held and supported for a year as you grow into your own brand of soul leadership. Instead of feeling alone and frustrated, you will feel seen in your gifts, your dreams and receive support in holding the highest possibility for your work. 

Growing a soul-led business is no ordinary task. There are very few guide who can truly hold the depth of it. It is crucial that we have a safe space to share our thoughts, fears and greatest hopes and receive understanding, belief and encouragement.

A Council

The Return is not so much a course as it is an opportunity for powerful Wise Women to come together, have inspiring conversations, question our conditioning and weave our insights and leadership together. So that we form something much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Together we will reimagine, discuss and experiment with new ways of doing business, sharing our experiences and getting clear on our most potent offerings. 

A Coven

Change can feel impossible when you’re creating alone. The Return will be a secret haven to cook up spells for ourselves, the collective and our shared future.

We’ll be playing with ways of creating that take us away from the grind and exhaustion and into ease, flow and magnetism.

A Community

Growing a business that’s a little (or a lot!) outside the mainstream can feel really overwhelming, confusing and lonely. Coming into a gathering of women with a similar vision, similar fears and similar longings to give and receive support makes it all so much easier.

We can soothe our fears and feel filled up by each other. We will share our resources, encourage and guide each other. We can lean on each other as we grow throughout this year.

An Incubator

You don’t need to have all (or any!) of the answers to join The Return. All of who you are is welcome.

This is a space to just show up as yourself – with an openness to experimentation. Our best work comes from being open to play and trial and error.

This is both your soft place to fall and your launchpad for expansion 🙂

An Activation

The overall aim of The Return is to guide you into understanding and activating your deepest soul purpose, mission and vision. To trust who you are and what you came here to be be. To step into the truest, most restorative version of your leadership.

So that we can all benefit form what you have to give.

Soul-led businesses can be just as much a healing for ourselves as they are for the world around us.

Beginning this experience I thought that it would be very different from anything that I had done before but it was so much more. It was like peeling back layers to get to the core of who I truly am. It was like meeting the real me for the first time.

Working with Niamh is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Her innate ability to read energy gives her access to an amount of inner wisdom which is incredible. This wisdom guided and underpinned each weeks session and the level of work was so deep that I’m still processing it.

Niamh is absolutely the best facilitator that I have ever worked with. The Return was a massive body of work, which felt like a tapestry being woven every week with each bit of knowledge being imparted expertly by Niamh.

Fionnuala English (2022 Return Group)

Skincare Expert & Intuitive Healer, gallaghersonthegreen.ie

The Experience

What You Receive:


The Return runs over 12 months from 20th May 2024

It will be a small, intimate group (8-10 women) so that you receive plenty of personal attention, insight, feedback and holding for your business growth.

The Return is mainly held online, with additional 1:1 personal support and an opportunity to gather in-person 4 times during the year.

Live group gatherings take place on 3 Mondays per month – Monday mornings 10am-12pm Irish time (UTC) on Zoom.

All sessions are recorded so it’s no problem if you have to miss some.

1. Three Online Group Gatherings each month

We will gather for two hours on the first three Monday mornings of each month:

The first Monday gathering will dive into that month’s topic, teaching and discussion to help you create the soul-led business you want. We will cover the spiritual aspects, energetics, mindset, marketing and practical strategy of business.

The second Monday will be a Q & A and spotlight session (each member will have an opportunity to present their work and receive empowering feedback, support, insight).

On the third Monday, the whole group get to receive a deeply nourishing and activating energy healing session, after which you receive detailed channeled guidance to guide you on your path.

The final week of every month is free to allow you to catch up, integrate, take action…or receive 1:1 support.

EXTRA: We will also have occasional guest teachers, on topics I believe the group could do with further support on.

EXTRA: Occasional co-working sessions to help you get things done.

2. Four In-Person Gatherings*

4 of the Monday group sessions during the year will be in-person at my home in Dublin – held once every three months.

*An online alternative is provided for those who cannot make it, or are located outside of Ireland, to ensure everyone is accommodated.

3. Four Private 1:1 Sessions

Included in the programme are 6 hours of personal 1:1 support (value: 820) to be taken over four sessions to provide you with detailed clarity on anything you need support with, from your marketing and messaging to how you are supposed to be offering your work, to pricing, timing and ideal clients.

These will get you unstuck, motivated, clear and confident in what you have to offer.

4. Online Home

– All materials and recordings will be held in a private online site for this group

– A private Mighty Networks (ethical Facebook alternative) group will be available for discussions, sharing of resources and connection throughout the year. You can connect with me and with each other here at any time throughout the course, for extra support.

The Return was so much more than business coaching. It put us back in touch with our gifts, our uniqueness and true calling in such an authentic way.

Niamh’s ability to see the real you, cutting though conditioning and stories is in itself, priceless. In addition, using Human Design, Astrology, Gene Keys and archetypes, Niamh is able to hold a mirror up to our true selves in the best possible way with nuggets of truth from the get go, which simply grew and gained momentum.

Initially I had some resistance to a 12 month programme, I was caught up in a story of speed = efficiency. However, I knew deep down that rushing had never worked out for me. Having had plenty of shorter term coaching in the past, I knew they’d not been able to provide the depth of transformation I needed to reach my potential.

On reflection, this level of awakening and transformation did require time to ripen and take shape and in truth, it went bloody quick! If I could sign up again, I would.

Clare Macdonald (2023 Return Group)


The Return of the Wise Woman

This is a mythical journey. And also it is real and practical.

We all know where the Wise Woman resides. In a hard-to-locate little hut at the centre of a dark forest.

She has been hiding there for centuries, in so many of our fairytales and myths.

Very few manage to locate her, despite many quests.

All this time, she has been holding the secrets and remedies we all yearn for. The lost parts of ourselves and our culture. She is the keeper of ancient feminine wisdom, the seer of truth, the provider of remedies, the wayshower and alchemist.

She is the archetype of the Crone that lies in all of us. For too long, she has been keeping safe the wise secrets of the Feminine within a fearful world intent on domination.

The Wise Woman was driven into hiding and darkness, waiting until it was safe to speak all she knows back into the collective again.

That time has come.

It is time for you, Wise Woman, to stop hiding your soul and your knowledge. To make the brave journey out of hiding and to re-take your place at the centre of things. To become the leader and guide you have come here to be.

Are you ready to step into the full power and potential of your work?

To use your business as a means of healing yourself, your family line and all of us in the collective?

Are you ready to make your return?

Your Heroine’s Journey

There is a point in every heroine’s journey, after all her trials and experiences, after all the grappling she has done with her own personal demons, after all the integration of her life’s lessons…when she must make her return. To share with her community all that she has learned.

Though she feels imperfect. Though she feels unfinished. Though she is unsure if her wisdom will be welcomed.

You probably don’t need another course or another certificate to prove your knowledge. You probably don’t need to wait around for other people’s validation in order to honour the wisdom you already possess.

Making your return means validating yourself, stepping into your leadership, honouring all that life has taught you and valuing your wisdom enough that you decide to share and be recognised for it.

There is deeper, more visionary and culture-healing work that you are here to do.

The Return will help you courageously claim & create your unique, transformative soul work.

Our Journey Together will be a Descent and a Rising

An illustration of a golden snake winding downwards towards a place of golden light

A Descent to the Centre of You to Reclaim Your True Soul Role


Dive into the story of who you truly came here to be and what your true soul work and role in the collective is…

Understanding Your Deep Gifts


Deep insight into and claiming of your gifts and strengths

Understanding your unique energy and working with your creative ebbs and flows

Understanding how you shine and what it is that attracts others to you and your work

Bringing awareness to and working with your inner child, ancestral or past life fears so that we learn to care for our nervous systems as we grow our work and become more visible.

Crystalising Your Vision


Getting clear on what your big soul offering is

Homing in on who are you here to work with and the real transformation you are here to bring

Naming the vastness of your soul vision so that you can begin to own it and trust it

Getting familiar with the soul of your business, its values, vision and mission

Managing the dance between your own energy and the (often pushy!) energy of your business

Human Design & Gene Keys

We will dive into the amazing wisdom of Human Design and the Gene Keys. Both systems are interlinked and provide so many keys to how we can best live, work, create and prosper as our true selves.

They also contain incredible teachings on the future of business and prosperity.

You will learn how you are supposed to build a brand, offer services and create a culture through your business that is in alignment with your personal design and the evolution of our culture.


Aligning with the Bigger Picture


For our work to thrive, it should strike a balance between our needs and the needs of the collective – our own personal evolution and the evolution of this planet.

The way we work and do business is changing rapidly, in response to a changing world.

How can we align what we’re doing with the new values and new ideas that are being ushered in now, at this transition period in our world? How can we use our businesses to plant seeds for a better future? How can we place our businesses in the flow of change so they are ready to thrive?

Channeled Teachings

There will be monthly detailed energy readings for the group and sharing of other channeled messages relevant to what we are learning and discussing. These will keep you grounded, inspired and open your mind to possibility. 

You will also have the opportunity to receive very specific personal guidance for your business during the six 1:1 sessions included in the programme.

Energy Work

We cannot run Wise Women businesses without understanding energy.

Becoming masters of energy allows us to step into our creative roles and let go of feeling powerless in business.

We will learn how to work with the energy of our own body and also our soul field. We will learn techniques to work with the energy of our business offerings, launches, messaging and money that allow us to step from exhaustion into co-creative, expansive flow.

A Rising & Return to the World to Take Up Your Expanded Role

Take all of your learnings about yourself and your soul work and ground it into real world offerings that light you up and create a sustainable business…

Creating Magical Sales Copy

Find ways of articulating your work that connects with your ideal clients and stops playing down the value or importance of your work. Learn how to describe work that is often tricky to put clear words on.

Be guided on how to structure a sales page for your offerings in a way that honours its magic and integrity.

Creating Magnetic Offerings

Take your big ideas and learn how to ground them into offerings that make sense to you and delight your audience, without watering down the power of your transformative work.

Learn how to create coherent 1:1 offerings, memberships, courses or workshops that lead others through a unique transformation.

Designing Your Simple Business Model

Learn how to best structure and price your offerings so your work makes sense and can build to being financially sustainable for you, while honouring your unique energy and stage of life.

Understand where each of your offerings fit on the customer journey of your business and plug any gaps to new the meet of new and longer-term clients.

Understand What Makes You Different

Understand your ideal customer/client, what they are seeking from you and what makes you and your work different other offerings out there.

Learn to see and value what you do and the unique way you do it.

An illustration of a golden snake winding back upwards towards a place of golden light
My experience of The Return was so insightful and initiating. To be surrounded, inspired and encouraged by an incredible group of heart and soul centred women in business was a gift and exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted real, authentic connection within a space and group that were consciously and intentionally doing things differently in business, paving the way for purposeful work and leadership. Niamh definitely is a role model of this and guided us with such integrity to deepen into what that looked and felt like for us all.

I was really surprised at the depth of connection with the group, it blew my heart open. I was amazed at the interconnectedness of our stories, paths, work and the deeper ripple of consciousness weaving and being woven for us all. I loved our weekly calls, the chats, the sharing, the learning and working together that Niamh curated with such precision for our group.

I feel so much more anchored, honest and attuned to my life’s work. I shed so many of the stories and should’s around myself and my work and refined how to best honour and support myself on my path. This journey was so rich in true, whole, real connection and was so refreshing, healing, inspiring and motivating! I cannot recommend Niamh and her offering The Return more highly!

Melanie Taylor (2022 Return Group)

Intuitve Healer & Coach, thewhollygrail.com

Who is this for?

The Return is for you if:

  • You run a holistic, healing, coaching, visionary, creative or changemaking business that feels like it comes with a big mission (even if you’re not exactly sure how to describe it yet!)

  • You know you have been hiding or playing down your message and want to receive support with stepping into your true power and potential.

    • You’ve taken all the business and marketing courses or advice but it just never seems to suit your business exactly. You want to align what you’re doing to something deeper and more meaningful. To question ‘business-as-usual’. 


    • You identify with the Wise Woman/Mystic/Priestess archetype and would like to explore and express this part of you further through your business. Ideally, you want your business to feel like a sacred offering.


    • You want your work to feel abundant, joyful and sustainable rather than draining, frustrating and lonely.


    • You are longing for rich conversation with thoughtful women; support and understanding from a circle of others on a similar path.


    • You are comfortable with sharing in circle (only as much as you ever want to) and hearing others’ journeys too. You can hold complexity and paradox and are open to hearing and holding other points of view and perspectives while in circle with others.

    • You have a foundation of self-knowledge of previous healing (e.g. therapy) that will support you through discomfort or challenges as you grow.

    • You’re interested in going deep and committing to a full year’s support so that you can see real transformation and expand your voice and visibility.

    The Return is not for you if:

      • You’re purely looking for standard business strategy or a quick fix and are not open to self-enquiry, energy healing or spiritual ideas.

      • You still have a lot of personal healing to do and you’re probably not yet ready to sit in circle with others who will be sharing their stories from time to time. You may also not be ready to take action on your business.

      • You would prefer focused attention only on you and your business, rather than making connections and being part of a group. In this case, one-to-one mentoring with me will suit you better.

      • You’re uncomfortable with/unable to prioritise your business and invest financially at this time.

      It was really a gift to share space with other visionary women at different stages in their journey. There was a modelling that’s not usually available anywhere else about how to approach work, both through the other members of the group and especially from Niamh.

      The space Niamh holds and her approach to business and guidance truly offer the substance and depth needed to really live and work in a different, more feminine way.

      I think The Return is an incredibly rare opportunity to actually delve deep enough in yourself and your business to do things differently. You can’t do that in a short space of time, it’s a deconstructive and reconstructive process and it’s possible in the Return because of the yearly container, and also the level of attunement and support Niamh provides which I also experienced as present in the group community. We need to feel safe and open to change. Safety in supportive relationships is very powerful, but it does take time, kindness and honesty to build, and I found that in the Return.

      Sarah Skinner (2023 Return Group)

      Astrologer & Psychotherapist, soul-stirring.org

      The Return has been an inspirational journey into finding my true gifts and harnessing them into creating a beautiful soul led business. It went far beyond my expectations!

      The guidance on a personal level was so impactful and nourishing for the soul. Surrounded my a wonderful group of Wild Women who are all on a journey of discovery to offer their own unique gifts into the world.

      Niamh held, nourished and progressed the group beautifully, offering inspiring knowledge and support throughout the year.

      Niamh is best bit about this course! Her calming voice delivering the most incredibly inspiring pieces of inspiration throughout gave me so much hope, joy, love and guidance that will stay with me forever.

      Thank you Niamh for what you offer out into the world, it’s magic x

      Una Hardiman (2023 Return Group)


      “It is always possible to refuse the Return, to go into permanent retreat, or to make the search for personal enlightenment and self illumination your lifetime’s work – but if you do, chances are that, sooner or later, the world will come knocking.

      For others of us, as the world (and our own species) lurches from crisis to crisis, as we listen to the cry of a grieving Earth, the call to Return is strong.”

      – Sharon Blackie, “If Women Rose Rooted”

      The Exchange

      €275 per month over 12 months


      Pay in full and receive one month free: €3,025

      About Me

      Picture of Niamh Gallagher
      I am an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel that works with thoughtful, empathic and visionary women who want to create big change, healing and beauty in the world, but need help in seeing and believing in who they truly are and finding support along their path.

      The Wise Woman archetypal journey is one that I have been navigating and learning from for many years now and so I have plenty of guidance to share! I also bring a background in communications, marketing and business development to add a very real-world and practical element to my support.

      I believe the world is deeply craving a new type of leader and it is time for wise, sensitive women to step in their truth, purpose and power and guide us all forward. 

      But for this to happen, we need to reclaim all the traits in ourselves that were pushed to the sidelines in our culture over many thousands of years. 

      My work helps you find the thread of meaning and truth at the heart of everything you’ve been experiencing in your life…and allows you to weave a new story that’s true to your soul.



      Will I receive personal attention in this group?
      Absolutely! I am keeping the numbers for the The Return small (8-10 women) to allow you to feel fully held and supported by me and build close ties with the other women.

      You also receive four one-to-one sessions with me where we can dive deep into your questions and challenges and give you valuable guidance, insights and maps for moving forward.

      Holding the energy of an intimate group is a huge undertaking for me so it is important I can do this to the very best of my ability and with integrity. You will benefit from being part of an intimate group and the personal attention it allows me to give you and your business dreams.

      What if I can't make all sessions?
      You don’t have to attend every session. For your own benefit, I encourage you to attend the monthly gathering where we learn and discuss each monthly theme.

      Our gatherings will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss one or more.

      I'm not sure I qualify for The Return?
      If you’re unsure whether The Return will suit where you’re currently at in your business or will meet your needs, please feel free to book in for a 30-minute chat with me. Or just send me an email at the address below.

      I am very happy to discuss this with you. There is no obligation to commit following our chat. It is as much in my best interest as it is in yours that you are the right fit for this programme 🙂

      What if I can't commit to a full year?
      If you’re not sure you want to join a year-long programme, then The Return is not for you!

      A year actually flies by and I really believe it takes a full 12 months to go deep and really see a transformation in your business.

      If you do not have the funds to commit to this programme, I fully understand and a single session or two might be better for you right now.

      Please only commit to this programme if you fully intend on staying the course and can make all twelve monthly payments without it causing a lot of stress and worry. It is good for these payments to feel like a stretch as this will help you take the investment seriously and step up to the plate for yourself. But it shouldn’t require you worrying about meeting your basic needs!

      No refunds will be offered, as I cannot replace you on this programme once it has begun. This is a closed group for the full 12 months.

      If you are unsure, please book a chat with me and we can see if this will suit you.

      Do you offer other payment options?
      You can choose to make an annual payment (and receive one month free!) if this suits you.

      Or make bi-annual or quarterly payments also. Please just let me know what you would prefer and I will set it up for you.

      Do you cater for other time zones?
      Maybe! That depends on numbers. If I have enough women in other time zones interested, then I could form a second group. If you’re interested in signing up but live outside Europe, please just let me know and I can see what I can do 🙂

      I highly recommend the return, it was for me the perfect mix of support and gentle nudge!

      I also feel that I would not be where I am today in my business had I not committed to the year-long programme, the reverberations of which I am still feeling.

      Aisling Johnston (2023 Return Group)


      The Return is a women’s cauldron that offers an opportunity to consider the roots of your business and why you do what you do.

      It’s an offering that connects you to your values and your ultimate why in your work. If you’re in a place where you need a guiding energy to move you forward, it’s a good one to explore.

      Niamh’s readings of the energy and the understanding of the various tools is great to broaden and deepen perspectives of you and your work.

      Aoife Kane (2023 Return Group)

      Visionary Healer & Guide

      The Return was a deeply supportive, gentle and inspiring experience for me. Niamh is skilled at holding space in a way that opens up doors to deeper and deeper self-exploration as the year goes on.

      The guidance I received from Niamh was delivered with a great deal of grace, wisdom and patience. Using her knowledge of archetypes, human design and gene keys, coupled with her gifts in energy reading, Niamh gently enabled me to rediscover who I really am and what I really want in a way that just didn’t feel possible prior to The Return.

      To go on that journey with a group of likeminded people over the course of a year was such a gift. The community and consistency that the structure of The Return offers is deeply grounding and connecting. I learned so much from the other women in the group and am so grateful for the valuable insight, affirmation and inspiration I received from them

      Emma Mackilligin (2023 Return Group)

      Acupuncturist & Writer

      The world is calling us to reimagine what’s possible.

      I’d love you to join me and see what we can create together!