Soul Business Mentoring


Transformational mentoring for women creating or growing a purpose-led business

Three month mentorship

Your business is not supposed to be just another business.

It has the potential to be a healing offering to the world. And a deep healing for yourself.


It can be transformative, beautiful, creative and wise.

AND it can sustain and resource you more than you ever imagined. 

It’s time to dream bigger for what your work and contribution can truly be.


It’s time to dig down deep into who you truly are and allow your soul dreams to be realised.

Because what you crave to create and become is no accident. The world needs your expression as much as you…




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Who Is This For?


I work with sensitive, thoughtful and visionary women who have a strong calling to create and express something that is uniquely theirs in the world. Even if it feels too big, or like a leap into the unknown.

You may have an idea that just won’t leave you alone. A niggling calling inside you. Something that wants to be born. 

Your calling may be in a healing or caring profession; or perhaps as an artist, creative, coach, guide, teacher or activist. Serving others and changing the world in some way is important to you.

You may already be a number of years into running your business…or just starting out.

You are ready to dream bigger, to grow and uplevel, to dive deep and explore what is really possible for you. To align your work with its highest possible impact.

But you’re finding it hard to believe in yourself and to move through fear and doubt and unravel old ideas about what is possible for you.

You may feel like an outsider or different to those around you.

You can’t see examples of your work around you, so doubt it’s even possible.

You’ve maybe become used to overworking, overgiving and undercharging, leaving you burnt out but unable to see how you can make changes.


When the old ways of working, systems and structures are burning you out and making you question everything, you have come to an important threshold.

When you can’t see examples of your work around you, it probably means you are here to create something new. Something unique to you.

When you are terrified of what your true voice may want to say, you know there is something powerful that wants to be expressed.

Because you are here to be a new kind of leader. One that brings change to the world around you – in big or small ways. 

You are here to create and channel something new into the world. Simply because it is who you are. Simply because it feels right.

But to put yourself out there like this takes courage, it takes trust…and, more than anything else, it takes some serious support.

Despite what you’ve been told, you’re not supposed to do this by yourself!

Without the steady, supportive, guiding and loving holding of Niamh during our 6 months working together, I would not have birthed my new business. 

I feel so proud of myself in what I have opened up to and created.

There is a different way of “doing” business and it’s beautiful and easeful and so nurturing.  My thinking mind can’t process how it actually happened. 

The space Niamh creates helps you to realize how much potential we possess. It’s about becoming more authentically aligned with your own unique path, a  remembering.

I feel so grateful to Niamh, for her unwavering belief in me and my candles. I am ready now to step out and be seen. 

Thank you, Niamh!

Jemma Kenny

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What is Soul Business Mentoring?


The biggest jumps I have made in my business have been due to calling in wise support.

Every time I felt like giving up or hiding (and there have been many of those times over the years!), I instead called in support. And this enabled me over and over again to move through blocks and fears, get honest about my vision and trust my deep inner knowing.

For years, I’ve been mentoring and healing clients through the same fears, traumas and stuckness playing out. We all have our own version of it – depending on our life’s experiences and cultural history.

I see so many talented and inspiring women who have big desires for expression hold themselves back due to fears around belonging, safety and visibility.

It’s become so obvious to me that what many women need is not just one-off sessions here and there. Even group coaching may not be enough.

You need a very different and personalised experience that helps soothe your nervous system, feel seen and understood and receive clear and helpful guidance each step of your journey.

I’ve created a special mentorship package to offer you just this.

Over a period of either 3 or 6 months, I will hold fierce, safe, loving space for you to get clear on where you are being guided in your life right now, plant seeds of your big vision and intentions, gently unravel any blocks and old conditioning holding you back and walk step-by-step towards who you are becoming.

I will share with you the powerful guidance I’ve been channeling about more feminine and regenerative ways of living and working and the new world we are all in the process of co-creating. Together we will find what role you are here to play and how your soul work can contribute to change and healing.

Manifesting soul work takes courage and time. It takes deep personal healing to allow us to step into the freedom that our soul envisions for us. And it takes someone holding space for us, so that we can truly begin to trust ourselves.

You have deep wisdom in you. Let’s bring it into the world…

After working with Niamh for 3 months, the shift feels undeniable. There is a clear before and after. It’s hard to even put into words.
Niamh is such a beautiful soul and is incredibly gifted at what she does. She creates a safe and loving container to connect with your soul’s work in a magical, deep and profound way. Her intuitive guidance and channeled wisdom always felt so empowering and resonated in the depths of my soul. I gained so much clarity and had many ah-hah moments over the course of our time together.
Before working with Niamh, I found it very challenging to articulate the essence and nature of my work, as it’s all been channeled. Niamh helped me find the language and words to express my soul work. I have so much more confidence in sharing about my offerings and the work my soul came here to share with the world.
After sharing about my new 3 month mentorship container (that Niamh and I worked on together), all the spaces filled within a week, making it the most abundant month to date in my business thus far.
I really loved Niamh’s combination of energy healing, channeled wisdom, gene keys and human design. It all flows together so beautifully and adds such depth and clarity. It’s also felt really fun 🙂
I am endlessly grateful for Niamh’s unwavering love, support and belief in me and my work. If you’re looking for guidance and support to create a business that truly feels like home, I highly recommend working with Niamh.
Stuart Leamy

Intuitive Guide & Channel,

The Tools…

Soul-Level Insight

You are here because you have an inkling that your soul wants something more for your life…and your business is a way of expressing it. Even if it fills you full of fear…or you can’t figure out how to make it work.

Your soul holds the secrets to who you are here to be and how you are supposed to work with the energy of your business so that it becomes the source of abundance and joy it is supposed to.

Each session will give you direct, clear and practical guidance from your soul to remind you of the big picture of your business, how you are supposed to proceed and what your next steps are.


Human Design & Gene Keys

Human Design provides a picture of who you are at an energetic level, your strengths, challenges, how you are supposed to make decisions and your most effective ways of communicating.

Gene Keys provide insight into our life’s work, our brand and vocation. 

Both give fascinating insights into how you are supposed to interact with the world when you are in alignment with your true self and how you can be most prosperous.

Energy Healing

Many business coaches reference mindset. But what blocks us from showing up or moving forward in our businesses goes much deeper than the mind.

It is usually found at the level of the body and the nervous system – a pattern of stress response that feels impossible to change because it’s been there since childhood or is a deeply ingrained ancestral wound.

Through energy healing, I can work with your body in a very gentle and nurturing way to release stuck emotions, calm and soothe the nervous system and help you to let go of patterns of fear, panic, stress and discomfort.

You will likely find that this experience of energy healing helps you feel more grounded, lighter and clearer.

Inner Child & Ancestral Healing

Your body holds so much information! Emotions are stored in our bodies – sometimes for all of our lives.

Sometimes the fears, worries and perspectives we carry are not even ours – they were passed to us by our parents and family line. 

And sometimes, they have come from past lives.

By identifying these fears and beliefs, we can bring conscious and compassionate approach to meeting our needs and reprogramming our fears and beliefs so they no longer unconsciously sabotage us in our work.


Channeled Guidance

I channel wisdom from various guides that I work with and also from your own higher self and spirit guides.

They will give me insight on how you can most effectively run your business, find your ideal client and spread your message.

Business & Marketing Know-How

My background is in Marketing and Communications, so I am experienced in crafting copy and messaging that resonates with your right people. I have also run my own holistic business, successfully filling multiple workshops and programmes.

I am very happy to offer you my knowledge and learnings, feed back to you on your web site or marketing copy and point you in the direction of other resources you may find helpful.

New Paradigm Leadership

We are at a time when business is beginning a radical transformation. And new leadership is being called to the fore to show us how it is possible to heal our world through healing how business is done.

All the old business rules no longer need to apply. There are more ways to successfully run and grow your business than you can possibly imagine.

You are supposed to feel lit up, abundantly supported, creatively excited and in flow and ease while running your business. It all starts with aligning yourself to your own personal strengths, following your rhythms and understanding the energetics of the time we are now in.

My experience working with Niamh was phenomenal.

Prior to working with her I had only the vaguest idea of what I was offering for my mentorship clients. With her insight and support I was able to truly see what my soul gifts are and how to share them with others.

I feel so much more grounded in my business and that my unique vision is a much needed message for these times. It feels incredibly expansive to have the guidance that Niamh offers. I truly appreciate her no nonsense approach while at the same time being empathetic and compassionate when challenges may arise.

Melissa Birss

Uninhibited Woman - @uninhibited.woman

How This Work Will Feel




  • Supportive & Loving

Most people don’t need training on their “mindset” or a push to reach their goals. Intuitive women instead need to be believed and gently encouraged. They need someone who can deeply see who they are at a soul level and hold space for their inner wisdom and highest possibility.

  • Deep & Visionary

We go deep! We find out what’s really holding you back. What were the messages you received from your family and culture that are keeping you small and afraid? What are the ancestral imprints in your body and nervous system that are being activated every time you try to take steps forward? These blocks are real and need to be treated with love, tenderness and wisdom, as you align instead align instead with your inner wise self.


  • Fun & Fascinating!

It’s kinda fun to play with new dreams, new ideas and whole new ways of being. It doesn’t have to feel like a fight. We can change the script so you feel like your work is fun and live-giving and regenerating. 


  • Liberating & Energising

As we uncover and release all the old conditioning that’s been holding you back, you’ll feel a release in more areas of your life than just your work. The more you are allowed to be yourself, the more energy you will have for everything and everyone. 


  • Insightful & Practical

We will work on grounding your vision into real, practical actions that take you closer to creating your dreams, step by step. We’ll get clear on your vision, your soul clients, your message and pricing. We’ll put in place the containers you need to support your work in the world and call in your ideal clients, whether that be marketing, technology or connection with others.

What You Receive


Fortnightly 2-hour 1:1 sessions with me to include:

The Big Soul Picture

– Clarity on who you truly are at a soul level and what your soul purpose is

– What are the themes in your life at the moment and what are you supposed to be learning and embodying now

– Intention-setting and welcoming your big vision

– Detailed channeled guidance full of insight and practical support

– Powerful energy healing to clear blocks and unravel fears that are holding you back

– Conversation and space holding to help you access your own wisdom and inner guidance

– Teachings on feminine archetypes and how you can work with these energies to heal ancestral wounds and become more of who you are

The Detail & Strategy

Support with sustainably pricing your work and effectively marketing it

– Clarity on your core messaging

– Packaging your work into attractive offerings for your ideal client

– Assistance with web site and marketing copy



Extra Support

WhatsApp support from me throughout our time together, including weekly check-ins, quick answers to any burning questions or issues that arise and encouragement when you need it

Access to 6 beautiful recorded yoga nidra and other meditations you can use between sessions to work on calming and reprogramming your nervous system for growth and expression

Recommendations for resources and practices to help you on your journey



You can choose to work with me for either 3 or 6 months:

€550 per month x 3 months

(Approx $557 USD or £460 GBP)


€520 per month x 6 months

(Approx $526 USD or £438 GBP)


I found my coaching sessions with Niamh so beneficial in helping me gain clarity and vision for moving my work forward with a greater sense of confidence and purpose.

Elaine Harris

Yoga Teacher & Writer,

Lost, confused and absolutely exhausted is how I would have described myself before going into Niamh. 

My sessions with her were transformative. I think that the restorative process was multi-layered. On one level, Niamh has an amazing presence and such a comforting way. She would sit down with me and just listen for the first part of my session. She would hear me talk about what was on the surface and help me work through things.

But she also helped me to pull back the layers and get to the root of what might be causing my emotional reactions to things. She followed up every session with resources, links to articles or tips on how to move forward.


On another level I think that empowering myself to take this window of time to stop and just be in my own skin, without all the distractions of life, was amazing. I have a hard time setting aside time to meditate as regularly as I would like, but knowing that I would be able to clear my mind and re-set at our sessions became a necessity for me for that 6-month period.

And the final level of the process was the energy work that Niamh did with me. She helped me to see that there was much, much more going on and that there were core aspects of myself that I was stifling. She worked very hard to help me tap back into the joy in my life.


I feel like our sessions unlocked parts of myself that hadn't seen the light of day in a long time. I am so much stronger and happier as a direct result of my sessions with Niamh.

I would absolutely recommend Niamh to anyone who is ready to make changes, who wants to shift their perspective, find inner strength or who just wants to stop and reset. I cannot speak more highly of Niamh and what she does.
Jessica Ryan

Dublin 4

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If this all sounds interesting, exciting or aligned with what you might need right now, I’d love to meet you on a Zoom call to answer any questions you might have and check if we’re a good fit. Please go ahead and book a time that suits below. I’ll be delighted to chat.

If you already know me and have worked with me, please feel to either book in for this live chat with me…or alternatively, just drop me an email through the contact form below to let me know you’re interested and to ask any questions 🙂



See you soon,


Niamh x

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