Digestive health issues are usually a sign that you are really good at taking in information. But not at processing it.

(I should know – left to my own devices I would spend my whole time overthinking & overdoing! 😊)

We need time to absorb our experiences and reflect on them.

But the pace of our world doesn’t allow for this to happen.

We’re encouraged to overconsume. Constantly taking things in, but giving ourselves no time and space to really absorb it.

This happens with food, with coffee and alcohol, with information, with experiences.

We just keep taking in more and more and more. At a faster and faster pace.

Doing more things, reading more, scrolling more content, eating and drinking…

But nothing feels like it satisfies us. It’s never enough.

Because we need time and space to absorb our experiences…our food…our information. Without a chance to sit and savour and notice, nothing really sinks in. And then it’s like we’ve consumed nothing. Because our body hasn’t actually processed any of it.

So we seek more.

The antidote is savouring. Taking time and space to notice, absorb, feel how it feels in our body. Allow things to sink in. Allow the dust to settle.

And the more we fully process every little experience, the more we really get out of it. We feel more nourished and satisfied. And then we need less.

Consumerism needs us taking in constant, low quality experiences…and never slowing down to notice how they feel. To keep moving and never feel full.

Because if we allowed ourselves to savour every little thing we take in, then maybe we’d need less. And realise we have enough. That we are enough.