Soul Work Reading

Two hours to clarity, confidence and deep insight on your soul purpose, work & business

A Soul Work Reading is an incredibly powerful catalyst – for both you and your business!

It meets you wherever you are in your business growth and is tailored to your specific needs – combining a soul energy reading with deeply insightful channeled guidance and personalised Human Design and Gene Keys information.

Bring any questions or challenges you might be experiencing on your business journey and receive supportive, practical insight into who you are at a soul level, what the soul path of your business and leadership is, how you can connect with your ideal client and clarify your message, offerings and pricing. 

You will walk away from this session with a greater knowledge of who you are, where you are going in your work and how you can best thrive and support yourself.

You will also receive a recording of your reading to keep and replay for future reference.

Who is This Session For?

A Soul Work Reading is for you if you are feeling stuck and in need of support in understanding your purpose, expressing your voice and vision or building your business. If you really want to know your highest potential and receive guidance on how to bring it to the world.

It is suitable for you if you have a business or are thinking about starting a soul business. (But I also frequently tailor these sessions to anyone who just wants to receive guidance on their general soul purpose and their careers within organisations.)

At 2 hours, the length of this session allows you to receive an incredible amount of focused, supportive insight and guidance on your path.

You might like to receive receive some of the following from your session:

  • Clarify your big vision, your life’s work and your ideal client/customer

  • Tap into your soul frequency and voice and understand the specific type of leadership you are here to offer the world

  • Get clear on your brand story, messaging and ideal client

  • Understand your gifts and how best to use them in service

  • Receive support and reassurance on your path and practical guidance on your next steps

  • Help you identify and clear out blocks and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck

      How Does it Work?

      Your Soul Work Reading will take place online and so is available to you anywhere in the world.

      Though I work with energy and the esoteric, it’s all done in a very gentle, practical and supportive way so that you feel seen, understood and and validated. I will mirror back to you who you truly are, what your soul’s purpose is and what is possible for your business/work so that you can believe in yourself and take the next right steps.

      I will prepare for your session by running your Human Design and Gene Keys chart in advance. During the session, I will weave these insights together with what your soul energy tells me. To tap in to an understanding of who you are and the bigger themes in your work/business right now, I intuitively ‘read’ your energy field and channel higher guidance.

      What comes up in your reading will be compassionately delivered and rarely a shock. Most of the time, we know what is true for us at a deeper level – we just need someone to confirm and clarify our own inner knowing so that we can have the confidence to trust it. (Most of us were not taught to trust ourselves, especially when our intuition is leading us off the beaten track and into uncharted territories!)

      When someone reflects back to you what is true about who you are at the deepest level, you are free to be exactly who you are and listen to your own inner voice. It can feel like a huge release and very empowering.

      The insights in each reading will be directly related to whatever questions or challenges you bring. For this reason, each session you have will have something new to offer, depending on your questions

        The Tools…

        Soul-Level Insight

        I work with your soul centres - 19 energy portals where your soul's energy enters your human energy field.

        Soul centres can tell me who you are at a soul level, what your higher purpose is and what your life experiences are trying to teach you.

        These soul centres also direct me to blocks that are holding you back from expressing your soul in your life...and what you can do to move through these blocks to become free to be exactly who you are.

        Human Design & Gene Keys

        Prior to your session, I will ask for your birth date, time and place so that I can pull your Human Design and Gene Keys charts.

        Human Design & the Gene Keys provide a picture of who you are at an energetic level, your strengths, challenges and what you are here to experience, teach or work through in this lifetime.

        It's a fascinating insight into how you are supposed to interact with the world when you are in alignment with your true self.

        It gives powerful insight in your true vocation and how you can find prosperity in your work and expression.

        Body Wisdom

        Your body holds so much information! It is its own source of deep wisdom and intelligence. 

        Tapping into the energy held in various parts of your body allows me to "read" the emotions and beliefs you are carrying around with you (often these are ancestral and past life linked) which may be keeping you stuck and frustrated.

        It is amazing to me how much our body is constantly trying to communicate with us...and how being able to listen and understand leads to compassion and healing.


        Energy Healing

        Part of the session can be dedicated to energy healing, if we identify it will best help you move forward.

        Energy healing can help release stuck emotions, calm and soothe the nervous system and help the body to let go of patterns of stress and discomfort.

        You may find that this experience of energy healing helps you feel differently about your challenges and perhaps gives you greater insight and clarity. 

        Channeled Guidance

        I channel wisdom from various guides that I work with and also from your own higher self and spirit guides.

        meditation reiki


        It may become obvious to me during a reading what you might need to assist with healing or course correction in your life.

        If so, I am always happy to offer nutrition, flower essence and lifestyle well as classes, podcasts, books and articles that might be just what you need.

        The Details

        Length: 2 hrs – 2 hrs 15 mins


        Cost: €250

        ( Approx $250 USD / £215 GBP )






        Without the steady, supportive, guiding and loving holding of Niamh, I would not have birthed my new business. 

        I feel so proud of myself in what I have opened up to and created.

        There is a different way of “doing” business and it’s beautiful and easeful and so nurturing.  My thinking mind can’t process how it actually happened. 

        The space Niamh creates helps you to realize how much potential we possess. It’s about becoming more authentically aligned with your own unique path, a  remembering.

        I feel so grateful to Niamh, for her unwavering belief in me and my candles. I am ready now to step out and be seen. 

        Thank you, Niamh!

        Jemma Kenny

        My session with Niamh provided invaluable guidance.

        Her wisdom spoke to my natural knowing and removed so many self-imposed and cultural blocks. Her guidance reaffirmed my path and saved me so much time and effort.

        There is a special feeling when someone speaks directly to your heart and soul -- and I had that in every minute of Niamh's reading.

        The additional wisdom about Human Design and the oracle card guidance supported me to remember how powerful I am and what I came here to be and do.

        I highly recommend a reading with Niamh if you have questions about your direction and purpose!
        Kate Tremills


        Niamh, I can't thank you enough for my reading! I'll be re-reading it many more times but it has resonated so, so much and I already feel the shift, the comfort in my path, clarity and excitement for the new year ahead.

        You articulated so clearly and beautifully so many of the little 'whispers' I'd been hearing. I appreciate you and what you do so much. Thank you!

        Merle O'Grady

        Crystal Jewellery Designer,

        Thank you, thank you so much for your reading. It brought tears of joy, reassurance, relief, hope to my eyes. 

        I'm currently pretty speechless! My mind is busy processing!! It all resonates with me on some level.
        I will read and re-read it over the next few days...

        I wanted to drop you a line because I kept getting nudges over the past week to listen to the recording of our Alchemy Session.

        I think at the time I only had enough capacity to hear a couple of things and listening to it back again, the layers and layers of stuff is unreal.

        Your feedback and guidance is so rich and layered. This was my 3rd time listening to it and I got so much out of it each time.

        So it’s a really potent medicine! And such great work you are doing!

        Sara Slattery


        I honestly cannot express how grate•full I am for you :: honouring & holding space in this way.
        Your real ness, care & connection is so evident & appreciated. I feel so supported + empowered today.
        Your channeled message is so much confirmation for me & I appreciate it so, so much.
        Olivia Ryan

        Feeling ridiculously bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a distance Alchemy Session with Niamh yesterday evening!


        I have been going to Niamh for approximately the last 5 years and I literally don’t know what I would have done at times without her soul guidance and healing powers.

        If you know me well, and are open to reiki, you will likely have had me recommend Niamh’s offerings to you before…or heard me speak of the wonderfully helpful insights I have received from the sessions.

        I come away each time knowing “I AM on track. This IS all part of the Divine plan” and I understand my path and my (higher) self so much deeper thanks to Niamh’s wisdom and channeling.

        I did something to my back a few days ago and had the heavy feeling that months of physio/osteopathy could be ahead to resolve the pain. I asked Niamh to work with this and during the session, felt intense sensation in my lower back throughout…and this morning it has settled significantly.

        Reiki is pure magic!

        Thank you, Niamh, for sharing your immensely valuable gifts with the world and supporting so many of us to do the same.

        Jane Feighery

        Coach & Yoga Teacher

        I cannot thank you enough – for the consideration, the time (you gave me loads of your time), your detailed reflections and thoughtfulness (you really linked everything so sensitively and with such good memory to the issues that came up in my first session with you), and your compassion and openness (it helped to hear a tiny part of your own experience).

        Your sessions have really catalysed a turning point for me. A turning point where everything has finally come together and is now guiding me further forward with renewed energy and determination. 

        It’s very powerful. I cannot thank you enough for this. It has felt like the missing piece. I felt seen and understood.

        Thank you with all my heart. You have an amazing talent in addition to a gorgeous warrior heart.

        Wow, Niamh, that was some reading! I can't thank you enough.

        It makes complete sense and confirms what I've been feeling and thinking.

        I think you are very unique and have such a natural gift. You are sincere, genuine and humble and these are rare qualities in the world of therapy/coaching/healing. Thank you so much.

        Kirsty Wick

        Analytical Hypnotherapist,

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