Soul Work Session


Two hours to clarity, confidence and deep insight on growing your purpose-led business


A Soul Work Session is an incredibly powerful catalyst – for both you and your business!

It meets you wherever you are in your business growth and is tailored to your specific needs – combining deeply insightful channeled guidance, personalised Human Design and Gene Keys information and practical business-building and support.

Bring any questions or challenges you might be experiencing on your business journey and receive supportive, practical insight into who you are at a soul level, what the soul path of your business and leadership is, how you can connect with your ideal client and clarify your message, offerings and pricing. 

You will walk away from this session with a greater knowledge of who you are, where you are going in your work and how you can best thrive and support yourself.

You will also receive a recording of the session to keep and replay for future reference.

My session with Niamh provided invaluable guidance.

Her wisdom spoke to my natural knowing and removed so many self-imposed and cultural blocks. Her guidance reaffirmed my path and saved me so much time and effort.

There is a special feeling when someone speaks directly to your heart and soul -- and I had that in every minute of Niamh's reading.

The additional wisdom about Human Design and the oracle card guidance supported me to remember how powerful I am and what I came here to be and do.

I highly recommend a reading with Niamh if you have questions about your direction and purpose!
Kate Tremills


Who is This Session For?

A Soul Work Session is for you if you are feeling stuck and in need of support in understanding your purpose, expressing your vision or building your business.

If you are trying to find your unique voice, create a body of work that looks a little different to others you see around you…or just make the business you have more sustainable and less exhausting.

It is suitable for you if you have a healing, therapeutic or spiritual business or are thinking about starting one.

At 2 hours, the length of this session allows you to receive an incredible amount of focused, supportive insight and guidance on your path. This session is a catalyst in clarifying the next steps on your path, giving you confidence and know how and receiving support, understanding and insight.

How Does it Work?


Your Soul Work Session will take place online and so is available to you anywhere in the world.

Though I work with energy and the esoteric, it’s all done in a very gentle, practical and supportive way so that you feel seen, understood and and validated. I will mirror back to you who you truly are, what your soul’s purpose is and what is possible for your business/work so that you can believe in yourself and take the next right steps.

Where we go with your session is totally up to you – the two hours are personalised and tailored to answer the specific questions you have right now. This might mean you require big picture/soul-level insight or it might mean that what you really need support with is clarity on your marketing message and how to describe or package your work so it sells.

I will prepare for your session by running your Human Design and Gene Keys chart in advance. During the session, I will weave these insights together with what your soul energy tells me. To tap in to an understanding of who you are and the bigger themes in your work/business right now, I intuitively ‘read’ your energy field and channel higher guidance.

What comes up in your reading will be compassionately delivered and rarely a shock. Most of the time, we know what is true for us at a deeper level – we just need someone to confirm and clarify our own inner knowing so that we can have the confidence to trust it. (Most of us were not taught to trust ourselves, especially when our intuition is leading us off the beaten track and into uncharted territories!)

When someone reflects back to you what is true about who you are at the deepest level, you are free to be exactly who you are and listen to your own inner voice. It can feel like a huge release and very empowering.

The insights in each reading will be directly related to whatever questions or challenges you bring. For this reason, each session you have will have something new to offer, depending on your questions.

Working with Niamh was incredible. After 3 months, the shift feels undeniable – there is a clear before and after.

Before working with Niamh, I found it very challenging to articulate the essence and nature of my work, as it’s all been channeled. Niamh helped me find the language and words to express my soul work. I have so much more confidence in sharing about my offerings and the work my soul came here to share with the world.

After sharing about my new mentorship container (that Niamh and I worked on together), all the spaces filled within a week, making it the most abundant month to date in my business thus far!

Niamh is such a beautiful soul and is incredibly gifted at what she does. If you’re looking for guidance and support to create a business that truly feels like home, I highly recommend working with her.

Stuart Leamy

Intuitive Soul Guide & Channel,

The Soul & Strategy of Your Business



You can choose to focus this session on diving into the depths, purpose and big vision of your business.

Or on translating your big vision into your next practical actions steps, putting words on your messaging or packaging and pricing your offers.

The Details

Length: 2 hrs


Cost: €250

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The Tools


I combine intuitive ability (reading energy and channeling your soul guidance) with a background in marketing to meet you wherever you are and build each session around your specific needs.

Marketing & Business Experience

My background is in Marketing and Communications, so I am experienced in crafting copy and messaging that resonates with your right people. I have also run my own holistic business, successfully filling multiple workshops and programmes.

I am very happy to offer you my knowledge and learnings, feed back to you on your web site or marketing copy and point you in the direction of other resources you may find helpful.


Soul-Level Insight

You are here because you have an inkling that your soul wants something more for your life…and your business is a way of expressing it. Even if it fills you full of fear…or you can’t figure out how to make it work.

Your soul holds the secrets to who you are here to be and how you are supposed to work with the energy of your business so that it becomes the source of abundance and joy it is supposed to.

This session will give you direct, clear and practical guidance from your soul to remind you of the big picture of your business, how you are supposed to proceed and what your next steps are.


Body Wisdom

Your body holds so much information! It is its own source of deep wisdom and intelligence. 

Tapping into the energy held in various parts of your body allows me to “read” the emotions and beliefs you are carrying around with you (often these are ancestral and past life linked) which may be keeping you stuck and frustrated.

It is amazing to me how much our body is constantly trying to communicate with us…and how being able to listen and understand leads to compassion and healing.


Human Design & Gene Keys


Human Design provides a picture of who you are at an energetic level, your strengths, challenges, how you are supposed to make decisions and your most effective ways of communicating.

Gene Keys provide insight into our life’s work, our brand and vocation. 

Both give fascinating insights into how you are supposed to interact with the world when you are in alignment with your true self and how you can be most prosperous.


Channeled Guidance

I channel wisdom from various guides that I work with and also from your own higher self and spirit guides.

They will give me insight on how you can most effectively run your business, find your ideal client and spread your message

About Me

I’m an intuitive guide and soul business mentor that works with thoughtful, empathic and visionary women who want to create big change, healing and beauty in the world through their businesses. But they need help in seeing and believing in who they truly are, what is possible for their business and finding support along their path.

I have been self-employed in my healing business for 8 years, building my reiki practice to being fully booked weeks in advance; creating sold-out in-person and online events, workshops and courses. I now work fully online, incorporating both intuitive skills and practical, strategic support for women in business.

Prior to this, I worked for 14 years in marketing and fundraising for various charities and non-profits in Dublin and London and bring my knowledge of communications and events to assisting women in business now.

Being self-employed is not smooth sailing for any of us and requires a great deal of self-knowledge and support. And those of us running healing businesses are in need of a particular kind of understanding and support to help us overcome inner and outer obstacles to owning the potential of what we can bring to the world.

I wanted to drop you a line because I kept getting nudges over the past week to listen to the recording of our session.

I think at the time I only had enough capacity to hear a couple of things and listening to it back again, the layers and layers of stuff is unreal.

Your feedback and guidance is so rich and layered. This was my 3rd time listening to it and I got so much out of it each time.

So it’s a really potent medicine! And such great work you are doing!

Sara Slattery


I honestly cannot express how grate•full I am for you :: honouring & holding space in this way.
Your real ness, care & connection is so evident & appreciated. I feel so supported + empowered today.
Your channeled message is so much confirmation for me & I appreciate it so, so much.
Olivia Ryan

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