What if you could contribute your best work to the world while also making good money?



Reimagining Business is a new series of workshops and community calls that bring together big-hearted women business owners so we can learn, share and support each other in building businesses that truly nourish us.

We’ll have practical classes and supportive discussions to help you build a business that both meets your needs and aligns with your values.

Our first class takes place 28th June and is all about money!

Imagine if…

 Your business allowed you to thrive…instead of struggling

You felt energised by your work…instead of exhausted

You felt rewarded, recognised and appreciated…instead of unseen

You were able to do business in a way that contributed a healing, positive change to your life and the world around you

You felt more centred in the value of your work and feel less emotional about your pricing or income

Often women start businesses so we can work in a way that suits us and our natural rhythms, supports our self-expression and nurtures our relationships. 

We might have a big vision for how our work is going to help others.

But too often, we come up against systems, structures and beliefs that make our dreams very difficult to realise. We end up working long hours, undercharging for our work and feeling like it’s all just too hard.

Let’s come together and reimagine your business so it feels comfortable, sustainable and satisfying 🙂

Latest Class

The Power of Pricing




The Power of Pricing is a two-hour masterclass to help you price your services so that you attract your ideal clients and also feel compensated fairly for your energy, time and knowledge.


Asking for money is a stumbling block so many of us face. It can be hard to know what a fair price really might be and to have faith that we can be paid it.

This class will answer the following questions (and more!):

How do I know it’s time to increase or adjust my prices?

We’ll look at the telltale signs that your pricing is not currently correct for you


Why is it so hard to increase my prices?

Pricing our offerings brings up so many issues – both internal fears and beliefs and external cultural factors. We look at how we can price our work in a way that nourishes and supports us.

There is so much juicy learning and discussion in this! We think you’ll find it fascinating, helpful and really enlightening 🙂


How do I work out the best price for my offering…and implement it?

Now we get to the practical tools! We’ll share with you useful ways to work out what your prices should be based on your time and energetic capacity and the type of business model that suits how you love to show up in your work.

We also discuss how to implement price changes as comfortably as possible!

This class was recorded and is now available to watch and learn from at any time



€45 EUR

(Approx $68 AUD / $47 USD / £38 GBP)

*Please purchase mindfully. Once the class is purchased you receive instant access and refunds are not available*

What You Receive:



A 2-hour online masterclass that combines teaching with idea sharing, followed by a chance for group discussion and lots of questions

A recording of the class will be sent to all those who book their place so, once you have booked your spot, you can catch up or rewatch at any time. And have it to refer to in the future.

Everyone who books will also receive a super-helpful, simple spreadsheet tool for working out your pricing for any future offerings.

Who is this for?

The Power of Pricing is for you if you identify with some of the following:


– You feel frustrated that you work hard but don’t earn even close to what feels like enough

– Your business feels draining or exhausting

– You want to increase your prices but feel guilty that your clients won’t like it, or afraid that you will lose business

– You try to be ethical and values-led and can’t see how this is compatible with earning good money 

– You feel stuck because you work in an industry where everyone earns very little, so it’s hard to see how you can

– You’re charging per hour, which means your income requires you showing up constantly 

– You’ve taken (or thought about taking!) money mindset or manifestation courses…but they just don’t seem to change anything. You need practical knowledge and support.

– You earned good money while an employee, but can’t figure out how to do it when self-employed

Who Are We?

Niamh Gallagher Meditation
Niamh is an energy healer and intuitive guide that works with thoughtful, empathic women who long to create change, healing and beauty in the world through their businesses. 

She helps them get clear on their soul vision, express their unique voice and leadership and trust in what is possible for their work.

She believes that rather than trying to fit into the world as we know it, we can instead use business as a creative tool to transform and heal our culture, offering new models of how we can all live, work and flourish.

Her work takes women on a journey to reclaim the power of the Wise Woman in business.

Lynda is the accountant and behavioural money coach behind Valo Financial. She helps business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their finances and design sustainable and profitable businesses, so they can focus on what really matters.

She is a CPA who has degrees in International Business and Accounting. She is also a Certified Money Coach®. 

Lynda spent more than a decade in the corporate arena and now focuses on guiding passionate business owners to reach the next level of their business.

With Lynda’s guidance many businesses find their own growth and impact amplifies in a way that simply suits them.


Will this suit both service- and product-based businesses?
What we share is very adaptable to both product and service-based businesses. However, it is likely that most participants on the call will be in service-based business.

Will you be running this again?
Maybe. We’re not sure yet. We have a few workshop ideas and are trying them out, sharing what we think will be really helpful.

If you are interested in this topic of powerful pricing, it’s probably best you purchase the class to rewatch and help you in the future.

We also welcome ideas you have for support you’d love to receive or topics for future workshops. If we can help, we likely will!

Do you give refunds?
Because you get intant access to this class and all the work and thought we have put into it, no refunds are available once a purchase has been made. Please purchase mindfully!

Please email me at [email protected] if you have questions before purchase. Thank you.

We hope you gain so much from this in-depth class!


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

or connect with me or Lynda on Instagram where we’ll be sharing more

Niamh & Lynda