What if you could contribute your best work to the world

while also feeling well-compensated and supported?



Reimagining Business is a new series of workshops and community calls that bring together big-hearted women business owners so we can learn, share and support each other in building businesses that truly nourish us.

We’ll have practical classes and supportive discussions to help you build a business that both meets your needs and aligns with your values.

Our next class takes place on Monday 5th December and is all about how to design and structure your business so that it supports and energises you.

We will be talking business models and keeping it simple, creative, practical and inspiring 🙂

 Imagine if…

 Running your business supported you…just as much as it supports your clients

Your business was centred around you being exactly who you are…not forcing yourself to fit outside advice or models of success

You felt energised by your work and at home in your business…instead of exhausted

You felt rewarded, recognised and appreciated…instead of unseen

You were able to do business in alignment with your values and in a way that modelled a healing, positive change

You had clear on a plan for your business that felt good to you…and made your marketing and sales much easier too

Upcoming Class

Design Your Sustainable Business

Design Your Sustainable Business is a two-hour masterclass to help you get clear on how to design and organise your work into a business model that suits your personality, gifts, knowledge and energetic capacity.

Our last class, The Power of Pricing looked at getting our prices right. But pricing is just one part of the story of thriving in our businesses – another crucial part is how you shape and structure your work so it fully supports you.

This class will be full of ideas and insights to take you from following what others do…to creating a business model that is uniquely suited to you.

What is a Business Model?

It’s the shape you put on your work to offer it to the world and ask to be paid in return

This can include one-to-one, courses, memberships, books, podcasts, classes and speaking engagements and you get to choose what combination works best for you and your work

Getting your business model right can mean real change:

 This class will answer the following questions (and more!):

How do I know my current business model needs a refresh?

We’ll look at the telltale signs that your current business model may be holding you back.

What has my business model got to do with money?

Earning a sustainable income has just as much to do with how we offer our work as how we price it. We’ll show you how.


What are my options to structure my offerings and the pros and cons of each?

How to know whether you need to redesign everything, or just make some tweaks that really make a difference.

Ideas for changes you can make to how you package your offerings that may support you better.


How can I structure my offerings to play to my strengths and support my wellbeing?

To run a sustainable business, how we offer our work needs to support our own unique stage of life, energetic capacity and allow us to focus on our strengths.

It’s important you are put at the centre of your work, as much as your clients.



Monday 5th December,

9:30am GMT / 7:30pm AEST

Convert to your local time



€45 EUR

(Approx $69 AUD / $46 USD / £39 GBP)

*Please purchase mindfully. Once you have booked your place, refunds are not available*

What You Receive:



A 2-hour online masterclass that combines teaching with idea sharing, followed by a chance for group discussion and lots of questions*

A recording of the class will be sent to all those who book their place so, once you have booked your spot, you can catch up or rewatch at any time. And have it to refer to in the future.

Everyone who books will also receive a super-helpful, simple spreadsheet tool to help you calculate the benefits of various business models for you & your business.

*Some More Details

  • Learn how to intentionally design your business model to fit your priorities, personality, energy and lifestyle. (We will bring in Human Design as well as other ways to understand your most suitable way of working.)

  • Get ideas on how to move away from conventional advice and work out your way of putting your work out into the world.

  • Identify the goals and boundaries that should be driving your personal business model decisions. 

  • Feel inspired by seeing a selection of interesting options for business models being used in the world around us today (and also hear our own experiences and learnings).

  • Understand the pro’s and con’s of different business models

  • Know what to bear in mind when changing business models to care for income

  • Have your questions answered about business models and designing your own

Who is this for?

Design Your Sustainable Business is for you if you identify with some of the following:


– You feel frustrated that you work hard but don’t earn even close to what feels like enough

– Your business feels draining or exhausting

– You feel you’re on a hamster wheel – overworking and underearning

You have hit capacity and an income plateau – you literally cannot see any more clients or produce more products

– You adapted a business model you saw other people using, but it just doesn’t seem to work well for you

– You’re mainly working with clients one-to-one but you want to investiagte new ways of offering your services to increase your revenue

You may have an online business and may want to work more in person, or you work mainly in-person and may want ways to move online



Who Are We?

Niamh Gallagher Meditation
Niamh is a soul business & leadership mentor to thoughtful, empathic women with a longing to create change, healing and beauty in the world through their businesses. 

She helps them get clear on their unique soul vision, step into their voice and leadership and trust in what is possible for their work.

She believes that rather than trying to fit into the world as we know it, we can instead use business as a creative tool to transform and heal our culture, offering new models of how we can all live, work and flourish.

Her work takes women on a journey to reclaim the power of the Wise Woman in business.

Lynda is the accountant and behavioural money coach behind Valo Financial. She helps business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their finances and design sustainable and profitable businesses, so they can focus on what really matters.

She is a CPA who has degrees in International Business and Accounting. She is also a Certified Money Coach®. 

Lynda spent more than a decade in the corporate arena and now focuses on guiding passionate business owners to reach the next level of their business.

With Lynda’s guidance many businesses find their own growth and impact amplifies in a way that simply suits them.


Will this suit both service and product-based businesses?
The class on business models is specifically for service-based businesses.

Is this just for online businesses?
No, this class will suit anyone who runs either an in-person or an online business (or a combination of both!) and will also help if you are hoping to switch from one to the other

Is this for me if I'm new to business?
While you’re very welcome to attend and learn for the future, this class is best-suited to those who have been running their business for at least one year as you will have had time to test your offerings, get a feel for who your ideal client is and a sense of what works and doesn’t work in your business so far.

Will you be running this again?
Maybe. We’re not sure yet. We have a few workshop ideas and are trying them out, sharing what we think will be really helpful.

If you are interested in this topic of building a sustainable business through using a business model that suits you, your work and your energy levels, I’d encourage you to come along.

We also welcome ideas you have for support you’d love to receive or topics for future workshops. If we can help, we likely will!

Do you give refunds?
No refunds are available once you have booked and paid for your place in this class. Please purchase mindfully!

Please email me at [email protected] if you have questions before purchase. Thank you.

We hope you gain so much from this in-depth class!


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

or connect with me or Lynda on Instagram where we’ll be sharing more

Niamh & Lynda