I know it doesn’t feel like it, but this is a year of possibilities.

After so many months of upheaval, the energy is tentatively changing now. Can you feel the beginnings of something a little new? Just the seed of it.

What we are being asked to do now is to lay claim to what we most want. A bringing of our soul truth to the world.

But our deep longings and wishes can be so fragile. We often hide them away for fear that people will laugh at the audacity of what we want; tell us our dreams are too big, too demanding, too idealistic or inconvenient.

The world wants us to be small and fall in line. To know our place and maintain the status quo.

The gift of 2020 is that it has shaken up the status quo. Just enough to allow us to see that things can change very, very quickly. And that no lifestyle or system is set in stone.

We can begin now to see the creative possibility that lies in the midst of chaos.

We get to choose. Every one of us. We get to dream and reimagine.

What if what we deeply desire for ourselves is what the world greatly needs too?

What if all that we have been keeping hidden in ourselves is now the key to our liberation?

What we are being called to do now is to create our dreams, without any evidence that they will work out. To devote to something beautiful and know that because we want it to be possible, it is already on its way.

A new world is being seeded. Your dreams matter.