I came across this video on The Overview Effect a few months ago and found it really thought-provoking.

It features short interviews with astronauts who discuss how viewing the earth from their new perspective in space changed their understanding of who we really are in the world.

Some quotes from the short film:


Many of the great wisdom traditions of the world have pointed to what we’re calling The Overview Effect. That is to say, they have realised this oneness, this unity of all life on earth, of consciousness and awareness. 


We’re seeing very clearly that if the earth becomes sick, then we become sick. If the earth dies, then we’re going to die.

People sense that something’s wrong but they’re still struggling to go back and find out what the real roots of the problem are.

And I think what we need to come to is a realisation that it’s not just fixing an economic or political system but a basic worldview…[it’s] a basic understanding of who we are that’s at stake.



If you have a free 20 minutes (on your commute? over breakfast? before bed?) this beautiful video is worth checking out.


It’s worth knowing that you don’t need to get yourself on the International Space Station to access this realisation of our oneness! Reiki, meditation, yoga, dance, walks in nature can all get you there.

One of my favourite ways is just looking up the night skies teeming with stars. It’s one of the best ways to become aware of our place in the Universe and our connection to the greater whole.

Because when you realise the that everything is connected and you are supported by the greater whole, then you can breathe again.

We have been brought up to think we are separate beings – struggling with life all by ourselves. But imagine how your worldview might change if you knew that we are connected beyond measure?

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Niamh x