The beauty of getting older is that I am growing more and more into myself. Just letting myself be who I am, without need to explain or apologise!

It feels like relief. It feels like peace.

I’m not sure we can expect this to happen naturally, though?

It should.

(But I know most of my great life lessons have come to me as I kicked and screamed and resisted them all the way!)

In a world that is centered around selling us the idea that we are deeply flawed and need fixing to be approved of, it’s by no means guaranteed that we will all age into wisdom and self-acceptance.


What will it take?

It takes a questioning of the status quo. It takes consciously seeing the deeper beauty in who we are. It takes paying attention to the lessons life is always trying to teach us.

It takes understanding that fading youthful beauty is not a threat, but an opportunity. A chance to be who we truly are, without the distraction of our facade.

We’ve been taught that our power as women comes from our looks. What if our real power is much deeper than that? What if it’s more threatening to the status quo?

I feel that, at 43, I am on the precipice of a deep initiation. I get the sense in my bones that things are about to get messy, but exciting.

This time, I’m trying not to fight it, but to let it all be.


Niamh x