This is a time for whatever has been on the margins of our culture to come back into the centre.

And for whatever has been suppressed in you to be welcomed back too.

We’re moving through a time in our evolution when all those who have been told they are too weird, sensitive, loving, creative or idealistic can now take their rightful place as leaders and visionaries.

It’s a time for the artists, the healers, the sensitives, the carers and creative problem solvers.

You may be tuned into this…or perhaps not yet. But there is a seismic shift underway in our world.

What we have accepted as normal up to now will not stay normal for too much longer. (And this is a good thing!)

So if you have a dream right now…or an inkling that there is something more for you…follow this sense. See what comes of it.

If you have been wanting to express or create something, but were afraid it’s just too weird – I promise it no longer is. Now is your time.

If you are stuck in pain, seek out the support you need to heal and move through it – we need you fresh and ready to show up as you.

We cannot look to the past in order to create the future. The world as it has been doesn’t have too many examples of where we are going.

Creating the new requires that we use our imaginations. Dream up the most beautiful vision for a life that you can imagine. And begin to live it…starting now.

Already you are creating the future with what you are living now.

(Sharing a little of what I have been channeling for myself and clients in the past couple of weeks)


Niamh x