Congratulations! Your Primary Archetype is...

The Lover


You are here to experience life through the body and senses, rather than just the mind. Through intimacy with life, you bring into form the most beautiful, heartfelt creations – whether you see yourself as a typical creator, or not. 


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    The Feminine Leadership Archetypes provide a gorgeous framework for reclaiming our gifts, our power and our leadership as wise women.

    The new leaders of our communities, workplaces and nations will be women like you – who have wisdom, vision, ideas and empathy. We are entering a very different time on earth and it is time now to step into reclaiming your inner leader so you can offer your innate gifts to the world around you. A world that is seeking your guidance and nurturing.

    Reclaiming your leadership requires you be curious enough to find out who you truly are. And brave enough to become it.

    To do this, we all need support.

    I provide 1:1 support to dig into your gifts and discover where life is leading you. And also a community of like-minded women on a similar journey to you through my group programme: Reclaim.

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    About Me

    I’m an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel that works with thoughtful, empathic and visionary women who want to create big change, healing and beauty in the world, but need help in seeing and believing in who they truly are and finding support along their path.

    I want this healing work to be the seed of you finding who you truly are…and then offering that to the world.

    You will know it is time to work with me if you have been feeling a pull to show up more fully in your work or personal life, to express yourself freely and powerfully and to become the wayshower, creator and leader you suspect you are on the inside.

    But you are being held back by self-doubt, old conditioning about who you are supposed to be in life, fear and panic about the unknown and perhaps a lack of clear understanding of who you truly are.

    Now is the time for a very different person to have their voice heard, their contribution recognised and their gifts used to heal, change and rebalance our world. We need sensitive, visionary people like you becoming visible, getting well compensated for your work and standing powerfully in your truth.

    But this is not work that should be done alone. I am here to guide, support and heal you through your blocks and into more joy, freedom and expression than you currently realise is possible… 

    Thank you for being here…and I’m looking forward to staying in touch 🙂

    Niamh x