Our bodies tell our stories. Even the stuff we don’t remember.

And if we would just learn how to listen well, we could heal so much.

Those pains you experience, that recurring infection, that racing heart and nervous anxiety are all telling your personal story. Sometimes it’s about what you’re going through now, but often it’s related back to what you experienced when you were much younger.

Because our past lives on in our bodies…until it can be processed.

All of your physical symptoms are there because they need you to know something.
They’re telling you a story of what’s wrong, yes. But more importantly, they want to tell you a story about how to heal. A loving tale about what you’ve been carrying and how to resolve it.

Sometimes it’s telling a much bigger story – a story about your family line. The pain and secrets in our family line get passed on from one generation to another until someone has the space, wisdom and resources to heal it.

And so we work through the layers.

Listening…acknowledging…soothing…until the body no longer needs to scream so loud. Until it can relax – because we get its message. And we’ve made the changes it was trying to tell us it needed.

What is your body trying to tell you? And do you need help with listening?

If you need help figuring this out and receiving healing, you might like to try a reiki session with me, where I “read” your body to find out what’s out of balance and what emotions are stuck and need healing and release.

Niamh x