Do you have a “before” and “after” story in your life? I have loads of them.

But my biggest one is before and after my parents split up. It was a real watershed moment in my life. 

Before the separation we were a steady ole dysfunctional family, each of us playing our roles to hold it all together…and believing it was normal. I felt safe when I knew the rules.

Afterwards, everything fell apart. And we were forced to deal with all the pain of our family that had previously been held in place and glossed over.

And so the stories I told myself about who I was changed.

I had always believed I was strong…capable…independent. But after the split, I suddenly became incredibly aware of my softness and vulnerability. My health fell apart. Everything felt out of my control.

For so long, all I knew about myself was my sensitivity. My vulnerability. 

My healing is about bringing both stories together. None of us are entirely our “before” story or our “after” story. 

We are both.

My body heals every year as I realise I’m neither 100% vulnerable nor 100% strong. But what if I’m both?

What if we are all both at the very same time? The before and the after. The strength and the vulnerability right at the very same time.

This is why I love yoga nidra. It’s a deep, therapeutic meditation that’s deceptively easy and relaxing.

While you’re lying there cosy under blankets, you’re allowing your body and mind to understand and work with opposites. And this heals so much.

Because we all contain multitudes. There is so much that is you. And learning how to hold it all gracefully and lovingly is the lesson of life.

Practice yoga nidra with me at the gorgeous Sunday Sanctuary workshops throughout the year 🙂


Niamh x