Sunday Sanctuary at Kerala Kitchen Dublin

Are you feeling the call to become more of who you truly are?

Becoming is a 6-month immersive gathering for thoughtful women who are on a path of growth, questioning and change in their lives…

 …and would like to benefit from uplifting, supportive and like-minded community

Becoming will be a haven away from the busyness of the world – a nurturing, encouraging community of women; a space to really come home to who you are; a catalyst for you to create what you truly want in your life.

Over the course of 6 months, we will meet in-person monthly, with plenty of online connection and resources in between.

It will be a space to come where we get to chat and support each other, laugh, cry and be totally ourselves, without judgement.

From this place of support, you get to bring yourself more freely and confidently to the world, to realise dreams you were too afraid to push through alone.

With each gathering, you will feel calmer, nurtured and more like yourself.

So many events promise community, but never really give you a chance to properly get to know anyone. (And there are so many interesting women out there!)

I would like Becoming to be the beginning of true community – a circle of wise women who get to know and trust each other over a period of six months, support each other through their growth and unravelling, with a view to forming a web of new friendships and real encouragement.

It’s time to stop thinking we can do everything all alone.

We move through life more easily and realise our dreams more quickly when we first gather together.

What do you receive?

1) Six monthly 3-hour in-person gatherings in Dublin

which will include:

– a maximum of 10 women to ensure a friendly vibe and allow real connections to be formed

– a chance to deeply rest and restore, with guided yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep!) and meditation

– space to connect back to yourself and your inner wisdom

– journaling exercises to gain insight, clarity and guidance

– nourishment for all your senses, in a beautiful, cosy, warm space, with candles, blankets, teas and treats

– chats and discussions on different monthly themes

– simple, heart-felt rituals to support our journey

2) A private Facebook group to connect in between sessions

– This is where all worksheets, reading materials, resources will be held to be accessed at any time

– Weekly journaling prompts will be shared here to assist us in taking regular time for ourselves

– Conversations can take place throughout each month, with thoughts shared and questions asked

3) Six recorded yoga nidra or guided meditations

– one per month, linked to each month’s theme

– to listen to at home

4) Six monthly group energy healing sessions

– A reiki session which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home at an agreed time with oracle card draw for group guidance

– An easy, nurturing practice to help us rest, move through our obstacles, calm our minds and heal our bodies

– The oracle cards are a lovely way to receive powerful group guidance, which you may find is just what you need to hear each month!

– If you’re not familiar with reiki, don’t worry! It’s deeply relaxing and healing…and easy. You may find this is your favourite part of each month 🙂

– The time of each of these sessions will be decided by the group, according to what suits everyone best

5) A beautiful journal for everyone

A lovely keepsake to record all your personal insights and notes over this special six-month journey


20% off a Clarity Reading or 25% off an Alchemy Session with me, to be taken any time during the six months of Becoming, should you wish for more personal mentoring or guidance

Who is it for?


Becoming is for you if you identify with some of the following:


  • You’d love a space to come each month where your deeper needs for rest, connection and inspiration can be taken care of


  • You’ve been going through a period of change (big or small) in your life


  • You feel like you have something more to offer the world but come up against fear and blocks when you think of growth and change 


  • You’ve been trying to create something new in your life (e.g. a new business, project or move) but you’re getting stuck or frustrated


  • You’re tired of doing everything by yourself


  • You’re craving friendly and supportive community from other like-minded women


  • You can do small talk, but love to have deeper conversations! 


  • You like the idea of a small group, rather than large gatherings or online courses where you can get a bit lost or overwhelmed


  • You understand that building real connection takes a little more commitment and so drop-in classes aren’t what you need


  • You’re open to experiencing things like energy healing, yoga nidra, oracle cards and to viewing life from an intuitive or bigger picture perspective.


  • You’re interested in something specially designed for women which helps us thrive in the world


“Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think.

You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through you. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.”

– Brene Brown

The Details

Monthly Themes


Each month we’ll examine an aspect of women’s lives that often goes unnoticed but that, when attention is paid to it, can have the power to bring healing change to our lives.

Of course, these themes will be just that – a little bit of structure and guidance for each month. There will still be the opportunity to discuss whatever is arising for you in your work or life outside of these subjects. We all get to co-create these gatherings!

Month 1: Cycles and Seasons, Intention Setting

Our lives are never linear but frustration and fear can set in when we believe they should be, and that we should be “further ahead” than we are.

We’ll identify the cycles and ‘seasons’ we’re experiencing in our lives and identify the supports and practices we need to really flourish.

We’ll also set intentions for what we want to birth in ourselves and our lives over the coming months.

Month 2: Retelling Our Stories

We don’t realise how much we’re held back as women by the stories we’ve been told about who we are and what’s possible for us.

We’re at a stage in the world where it’s time to retell our personal and cultural stories so that we can bring much-needed change.

We’ll look at the personal, family and cultural stories that have been guiding our lives and retell them so that they are more supportive, true and empowering.

Month 3: Female Archetypes and Goddesses

We cannot be what we cannot see. Most of us grew up with very few role models to show us the full breadth of what it can be to be a woman. In this environment, it’s not easy to give ourselves permission to be the whole of who we are.

We’ll take a look at our lost female archetypes and goddesses that have the potential to show us a new path home to ourselves. 


Month 4: Transitions and Rites of Passage 

Many of our most significant life changes and rites of passage were never marked, explained or supported in the way we needed. Especially those unique to women. 

We’ll take a look at models for understanding and harnessing the power of our big life changes. We’ll notice our own personal patterns and see how we can heal them so current and future change becomes easier.


Month 5: Boundaries, Compassion & Leadership

Many women struggle with exhaustion, low energy and over-giving…or they place too many protective boundaries up and feel afraid to ever ask for support or put their dreams out into the world.

We’ll examine what feminine leadership might look like were it to be fully realised. And examine how we can show up with more energy and compassion by putting in place healthy boundaries that support our work, our relationships and wellbeing. 


Month 6: Dreaming in the Future

We’ll get clear on what we want to create for our lives and call in our desires, with rituals, spells and practices to help us manifest a fulfilling future.

There is another way to create our dreams – one that values rest, joy, peace and the health of our bodies and communities. One based on what feels good and right to us at a soul level, rather than a prescribed path.

The world needs the version of us that values who we are.

Where and When?

In-Person Gathering Dates:

We will get together for chats, reflection and rest one Saturday every month between 10am and 1pm on the following dates:


    • TBC



      My home,

      Irishtown, Dublin 4



      Feedback on other events

      Thanks so much, Niamh, for holding such a beautiful space for us to come home to ourselves, rest, and restore. What you do is so important!

      Especially in this season where busy-ness is so glorified. It was all so nourishing, including the beautiful meditation guidance – your gentle words were a real balm for the soul 💛 

      And wonderful to chat with other women over amazing food after. A delight!

      Great supportive teaching space, I always learn so much from Niamh and I love how I meet like-minded individuals on these courses.

      I loved the space in your house – think this is much more personal and cosy than a rented room

      This was my first time attending the workshop and it exceeded my expectations and more. I felt that every aspect of the mind, body and soul was looked after.

      I loved the group discussion – could have continued for hours. I really loved it & felt nurtured by it. Thank you very much!

      This workshop today has been a soothing and restorative balm for me. Life has been really hard in the midst of great happiness and today reminded me that I’m still sane and I’m not alone 🙂

      The venue is such a lovely bright and airy room. The food was delicious!

      Absolutely fabulous – please do more! Perfect workshops, perfect venue, perfect class-size, perfect food. Loved it!

      Fantastic morning. Incredible to find out that other women face exactly the same issues that I do – what a relief – maybe I am slightly normal! When’s the next workshop?!

      Absolutely lovely! Definitely so needed. Can we do it again…next week?!

      Thank you so much for a nice relaxing time. One of the best things I have ever done.


      Niamh is a reiki therapist, intuitive coach, meditation & yoga nidra teacher.

      Her own life experiences with grief, ill health, motherhood and trauma have led her to the work she is doing now – helping women to move gracefully through life change and transitions, so that they can come out stronger and happier on the other side. 

      She believes in the power and potential of women to bring much-needed healing change to our world, once they are given the tools to first move through their blocks and believe in what they have to offer.

      She sees every day the power and potential of energy healing, meditation and spiritual practices to transform our relationship with ourselves and heal multiple issues.

      She is down-to-earth, welcoming and believes in making meditation easy for everyone, using guided visualisations, deep mindful breathing and relaxation to help rewire your brain and nervous system for calm, ease and joy. 

      I look forward to seeing you there!


      If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

      or connect with me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing more