The headline "Leadership of the Mystic" in gold lettering against a backdrop of a soft pink rose
Illustration of a pink rose

A supportive small group space for thoughtful space holders, visionary mystics and wise women changemakers

This is for you if you have previously worked with me

and want to be held in wise circle as you deepen into your true work, stay accountable to your most expansive vision and confidently evolve your leadership to meet the needs of the world this year.

Limited to just 6 women

What is leadership for mystics and wise women

…and why is it so important now?


I believe we are all sitting on untapped power to create gentle, beautiful, yet radical change in the world.

It requires stepping outside of the binary of our current reality and weaving a new world into existence that makes the old one obsolete. Using magical knowledge, forgotten skills and vision that you will not find by following any of the business or life paths being presented to us currently.

The wise woman and mystic in you wants you to be the change; to model a more beautiful world through who you are being, what you are saying and how much you are confidently alchemising your deepest vision into your wild creations.

In times of uncertainty, the role of the mystic provides the missing pieces of the puzzle that takes us from where we are now into a steadier, more beautiful and regenerative future.

If you are here, you have chosen to play this role. Through your experimental work, your voice, your ideas and your willingness to sit with the unknown. It is a new form of leadership that plants the future in the now. Often done quietly and in small cooperative groups.

This is why you and I have chosen the business and work we are doing. And why we need circles of wise women and witches to support us.

Leadership of the Mystic will be a guide and catalyst for you to stay true to your vision, take wise action, imagine better for your work and step into your correct role in the collective. 



An image that details features of the Leadership of the Mystic, such as listening, imagination, seed-sowing, nuance, magic, collaboration, living the questions, being the change, co-creation, curiosity, gnosis, gried, storytelling, discernment and linking the past with the future.

What Do You Receive?

Seven monthly circles full of tailored guidance, inspiration and encouragement to create your most visionary work, evolve your leadership and deepen into your wise power.

Illustration of a pink rose with gold leaves and a white spiral shape layered over the petals

Connect Back to Who You Are

It is easy to get distracted by the noisy world and fall into isolation and self-doubt.

This will be a space to drop back into and remember who you are (the centre of the rose) through guided meditation, teachings, conversation and channeled guidance.

You’ll be continuously reminded of your true soul name and role, so you don’t waste time following incorrect paths or strategy that is not meant for you and will never lead you where you yearn to go.


Receive Tailored Guidance


The intimate group size (just 6 women) allows for lots of space for highly specific guidance – both for the group as a whole and for you personally.

I will prepare a detailed energy reading to guide the group each month.

There will also be time and space to receive personal guidance in response to your own questions – be they practical how-to’s or guidance from your soul energy field.

I can also answer quick questions in our online group between sessions.

Find Wise Community


There are very few places to be truly seen, reassured and understood in our Wise Woman / Mystic businesses.

Our monthly gatherings will help you feel less alone in bringing your wise, changemaking work into the world.

Group members will all have worked with me previously and it is likely you will know at least one other person too (if not more!)


Take Experimental Action

Set your intentions from the start – be they to create and launch something you’ve been procrastinating on or just receive support and guidance as you build trust in and unleash more of your inner mystic into your work.

Be held accountable as you take imperfect, creative action to land into the world the next level expression of your soul work, using the practices of the Mystic.

The seven months will be a journey in showing up for yourself.


The Details

7 x Online monthly circles, April – October 2024

We will come together for two hours each month to:

– Receive powerful reminders, teachings and channeled guidance to help us further unravel our conditioning and step into more of our true selves, our vision and power in our businesses.

Embody the power and leadership of the Wise Woman and Mystic in our lives and work

– Group chats, sharing and discussions

– Guided meditation and space to connect back to yourself and your inner wisdom

– Practical guidance in answer to your personal & business questions

A private space to connect

An online group space on Mighty Networks to connect with me and each other between the monthly gatherings.

Although I won’t be able to offer the same full-time in-depth support I give through The Return or 1:1 mentoring, I will be available for quick questions or thoughtful feedback on your work / new ideas.

Optional: discounted 1:1 time with me

As part of the support I’d like to offer this group, I’ll be providing discounted 1:1 sessions with me – one hour for €110 – during our time together.

As I already know you and your work, we’ll be able to jump in deep and cover a lot of ground in this hour.

An image with a quote by Paulo Coelho - "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."


We gather live once each month for two hours, beginning second week in April.

The specific dates and times will be decided mutually as a group to best suit all needs, but will take place during Irish/European working hours.

(If you are outside this timezone, please just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.)


Monthly Payments: €70 x 7


Full Payment: €490

PLEASE NOTE: This group is now fully booked!

BUT I have capacity to add a second group, so if you are interested but didn’t book in quickly enough, let me know and if there are enough people to form a second group, then I’m happy to set this up for you 🙂

You can do this by messaging me at [email protected] or on Instagram DM’s. Or by going ahead and booking your place through the link below. If a second group doesn’t go ahead, you’ll be fully refunded straight away.

Who is it for?

Leadership of the Mystic is for you if you identify with some of the following:


  • You have worked with me in a longer-term container before – whether that’s one-to-one or group – and are creating work in the world that aligns with the vision or gifts of the Wise Woman and Mystic.

  • You already have a strong foundation in place and don’t require lots of one-to-one attention to understand your work and direction. What will be helpful for you is having a space to lean in to and keep you guided and on track.

  • You are feeling a call to deepen the power of your work and leadership this year and discover what wants to emerge or evolve. You would benefit from a space to explore and grow.

  • You notice you can easily doubt the power of your work when you spend too much time in the noise of social media or surrounded by people who don’t share your vision and insight. You would benefit from a space that supports you in weaving the new and the visionary into the world.

  • You’re disillusioned at the ‘leadership’, ‘activism’ or business teachings you see in the world around you and want to reimagine how we practice our work as changemakers and wayshowers.


    Do I have to attend / pay for all seven circles?
    If you make a commitment to join Leadership of the Mystic, it is with the understanding that you are committing to all 7 sessions. It is just a small group, so your attendance at as many circles as possible is important.

    Once you make a committment to joining the group, there will be no refunds, as I cannot replace you once we’ve started.

    I have kept the cost fairly affordable as what I really want to do is support you in maintaining and growing faith in yourself, your inner Wise Woman and the power and potential of your work.

    If you can’t make one or more of the circles, I will be recording them for you to catch up. However, it is always best if you can make it live.

    If you have any doubts or questions before making the decision to join, I am very happy to help and you can contact me at [email protected] or on Instagram DM’s.

    Will I receive enough personal support?
    This depends on what your needs are!

    Leadership of the Mystic was designed to provide contuining support and growth for those who have been through one or more of my programmes, or worked 1:1 with me. This means that you will have already done quite a bit of depth work on finding your voice, naming your vision and understanding your soul work and role in the world.

    This series of monthly circles is offered as a small group so that there is time and space for addressing your personal challenges, musings and questions. There will also be an opportunity for quick questions or feedback in between our monthly circles.

    Everyone joining this group will be coming with a shared language and understanding from previous work with me. It is likely that you will also know at least one other (probably more) people in the group.

    I will also be very aware of you, your journey, your blocks and doubts and your big vision and potential.

    This familiarity and history will allow us to jump straight in and help you move deeper into realising your vision and leadership.

    If you require extra 1:1 support during the programme, you are very welcome to book a discounted session with me for 110 for one hour.


    I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable in this group
    That’s totally understandable. It can feel vulnerable to join a circle of women, not all of whom you may know, and open up to sharing and receiving.

    If it helps, I will be extremely discerning in ensuring the group of six women will be a good fit (as best as I possibly can!)

    I tend to attract to my work women who are empathic, deep thinkers and able to sit in nuanced, non-judgemental space with others.

    There will be no requirement to share or open up more than you feel comfortable with – ever. You are free to use our time together as best suits you.

    This circle is supposed to help you connect back to your deepest, multi-dimensional self. So that you show up in your work as powerfully and truthfully as possible, in order to move the needle for yourself and find your soul clients.

    What if I don't have a business?
    This offering is for women who wish to deepen into expression of their soul work in the world. It is primarily for those who are running a business, but can also be suited to you if you don’t run a business, but have freedom within your work (paid or unpaid) to create something new and freely use your voice and influence.

    Contact me if you would like to discuss if Leadership of the Mystic would suit you: [email protected] or in Instagram DM’s.

    I look forward to seeing you there!


    If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

    or DM me on Instagram