To change the world, we need to change how we show up in it



It’s time for thoughtful, empathic and visionary women like you to become the leaders we now need



And this is nothing like the leaders we’re used to!

You do not have to become anyone new to be a leader. You don’t have to ‘lean in’ or pretend to have traits that aren’t yours. You simply need to trust yourself and become the very person you have always known you are…underneath all that conditioning.

So that you can live a life with your soul values at its heart…and be a wayshower for others.

It starts with giving ourselves permission to matter and be heard. To step up into our power and potential. To offer our gifts and ideas unapologetically, even if it feels scary or different or disruptive (especially if it does!)

Because the world is in a period of major transition and the future is ours to co-create. That means that every choice we make now – about what we value and how we live – is a highly creative choice.

And what’s more, the very traits that you have been taught to keep hidden or play down are exactly those that are most needed.

Now is the time for your wisdom, your creative vision and your deep care.

Now is the time for your magic, your voice and your insight.

The time for hiding our gifts and our power is over.

We are all being called to step up…

What is Reclaim?

Reclaim is a welcoming space, community and programme for women who want to gain courage, clarity and support in becoming the whole of who they are…and in doing so, step into a new kind of leadership…in their work, their families and communities.

Over the course of 6 months, we will unlearn and unravel the unhealthy conditioning that has been holding us back…share ideas and resources…imagine and begin to embody new values and practices…and hold each other steady as we step into our own expression of leadership.

Your gifts are sacred. Let’s give them breathing space…

 What do you receive?

1) 8 x Online Gatherings

We will come together fortnightly over the course of three months for:

– Powerful teachings to help us unravel our conditioning and step into more of our true selves

– Group chats, sharing and discussions

– Space to connect back to yourself and your inner wisdom, with meditation

– Journaling exercises to gain insight, clarity and guidance

– Simple, heart-felt rituals to support our journey

2) An online resource portal

– All worksheets, reading materials and resources will be held in a private online portal, to be accessed at any time throughout the course

– Journaling/discussion prompts will be shared here to assist us in working with the fortnightly themes

3) A private Facebook group

– Larger group conversations can take place throughout our 3 months together, with thoughts shared and questions asked

5) A library of recorded yoga nidra and guided meditations

– You will have access to 10 unique guided meditation tracks, to listen to at home and support your journey

6) 3 x monthly group energy healing & intuitive guidance

– A group reiki healing session which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home once per month

– This session will help clear the group’s energy each month, as you move through each of the themes

– If you’re not familiar with reiki, don’t worry! It’s deeply relaxing and healing…and easy. You may find this is your favourite part of each month 🙂

– The session will include an energy and oracle card reading, which will give direction and insight on what might be coming up personally and for the group as a whole

7) A lovely welcome gift for everyone

As a special treat, I will be hand-picking and posting a mini welcome gift to each member


1 x Personal 1:1 Session with me (at a special discounted price for Reclaim participants) that will give you deep insight into your own personal archetypes, soul purpose and guidance on what is wanting to come through you at this stage in your life. During these sessions you also receive energy healing to clear and balance you energy.

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.

– Alice Walker

Who is it for?

Reclaim is for you if you identify with some of the following:


  • You’ve been going through a period of change and questioning in your life
  • You’ve been trying to create/grow something new in your life (e.g. a new business, project or move) but you’re getting frustrated or exhausted
  • You feel like you have something more to offer the world but come up against fear and blocks when you think of growth and change.
  • You know you have something to offer, but feel confused about what your work is even supposed to look like – you can’t see examples of anything you want to do out there (hint: this means you are supposed to create your own unique body of work!)
  • You have a feeling that there must be a better way of living and working – one that nourishes and supports your whole self. You’re tired of pushing and trying to fit yourself as a square peg into a round hole.
  • You’re tired of doing everything by yourself and want to feel supported in the company of like-minded women.
  • You’re frustrated at the leadership you see in the world around you and want to contribute to creating something better
  • You can do small talk, but love to have deeper conversations! 
  • You’re open to experiencing things like energy healing, yoga nidra, oracle cards and to viewing life from an intuitive or bigger picture perspective. 
  • You’re interested in something specially designed for women which helps us step into our truth a lead from a place of confidence and thriving
  • You love the idea of joining a group of like-minded women where you can have the conversations you’ve been craving.

The Details

Fortnightly Themes


The course will look at a new theme every two weeks, giving us plenty of time to absorb and work with new ideas and see how they might apply to our own lives and work.

We’ll dive deep into a different aspect of the main feminine archetypes (those related to the seasons and cycles of our lives): Maiden, Mother, Lover, Wild Woman and Wise Woman.

Each of these archetypes contains riches – wisdom and inspiration for recovering ancient knowing & a blueprint for new ways of living and working. The more we dive into the archetypes, the more they reveal their secrets to us 🙂

11th March: Opening Gathering

Our first gathering will be a lovely opportunity to get to know the group and learn about the Feminine Leadership Archetypes and models for understanding transition and what our lives might be trying to teach us about our purpose, gifts and unique leadership.

25th March: The Maiden

Reclaiming Possibility

This is not a time to be ‘realistic’!

During this time of transition, we are being asked to be in this world of old values and outdated systems, while also simultaneously holding the vision of the new world we are trying to create. To do this, we need to call on our inner Maiden.

What if we allowed ourselves to dream big – for ourselves, for our relationships and for our wider communities? To claim as possible all our wildest longings? To believe in ourselves and all the gifts we were born with? 

We will also be working with the inner child aspect of the Maiden archetype – learning ways of healing and reclaiming what may have been lost in our childhoods. 


1st April: The Mother

Reclaiming Enoughness

We are all familiar with patriarchal authority…but not so sure about what the alternative could look and feel like. 

Balance can be restored in our bodies, our emotions, our relationships and in nature by reclaiming the authority of the Great Mother archetype.

At the Great Mother’s table, no one is left out. Every one of us is welcome for the whole of who we are and all are fully nurtured and fed. When you embody the Mother in your life, you feel no need to prove yourself to anyone else. You do not need to compete and perform for scraps of approval. You stop searching outside yourself for validation. You feel enough as you are.

During this month, we’ll discover what might change if we stop trying to prove ourselves to others and work on claiming our own worthiness and belonging.


15th April: The Mother

Reclaiming Resources

For too long, women did not have access to or control over necessary resources. So now, even when we have say over our time, energy and money, we often relate to these resources in a disempowered way…unconsciously allowing others to make our choices for us, telling ourselves why we can’t have what we most want.

The Mother’s role is ensuring all needs are provided for and resources are shared evenly and sustainably. Women are not supposed to be under-resourced and struggling. We are supposed to wildly thrive in communities of mutual sustenance, fully compensated for our gifts.

How can we open ourselves up to the experience of being fully resourced and supported? How can we harness the power of money to change everything?

29th April: The Lover

Reclaiming Creation

The feminine is the creative source. There is no outside person who needs to give you permission or who needs to rescue you.

This month will see us coming to understand our own creative energies and how we can best work in sync with them. 

The Lover archetype focuses on creativity, connection and all things pleasurable. When we understand that we have so much of what we seek already coded into our bodies, we can begin to feel just how powerful we are.

When we come back into community and connection with other women and fill our lives with pleasure and creative joy, it is difficult to continue to fear and hold ourselves back.

13th May: The Wild Woman

Reclaiming Sovereignty

This month, we’ll be bringing awareness to all the narratives at play in our lives that are holding us back from our true, authentic expression. Because it’s the water we swim in, it’s not always easy to see how much our life choices have not always been entirely our own, but rather influenced by our families, our culture and outside expectations.

The Wild Woman helps us to question all that we have been taught about what it is to be an ‘acceptable’ woman and to let go of beliefs and habits that are no longer serving us. This archetype within us helps us express our truth, stand for ourselves and put boundaries in place to help us care for our energy.

We will identify what it is we truly want to say and learn supportive practices to help us find ease and safety in using our voices for change.


27th May: The Wise Woman

Reclaiming Wisdom 

This month will see us tuning into the forgotten power of working with energy, intention and spiritual principles.

The Wise Woman teaches us how to turn our lives into sacred offerings and how to dream in the future.

She allows us to reclaim ancient feminine wisdom. She understands the cycles and seasons in our lives, our bodies, the moon and nature…and the medicine needed for each phase. She is deeply connected to the rhythms of the land and nature.

We will identify how we can best work with our own intuition and create simple rituals in our lives that help us feel in touch with universal guidance and support.

10th June: Final Gathering

Claiming Our Leadership 

Our final gathering will pull all our learnings and insights together. We will set our intentions, make commitments and cast spells for the times ahead.

We will leave with a clear picture of the type of leadership we are choosing to bring to the world right now. And the courage and support to act on it.


Reclaim runs for 3 months (13 weeks)

from March 11th to June 3rd 2022


Monthly Payments: €225 x 3 


Full Payment: €600 x 1


The women who took part in my last programme, Becoming, had some lovely feedback:

It was a wonderful experience. I looked back over my journal and how this process supported me through so many changes and upheavals over the past 7 months. It was so nice to have a solid, secure place to feel held and supported.

It was an amazing support for me and allowed me to go deeper into my healing and gave me additional frameworks and perspectives to work through further layers of conditioning and programming. So nourishing and gorgeous!

I absolutely loved the group and was so impressed with how you adapted it so easily to online sessions. It was such a gorgeous support and opened me up to so much more on my path of self discovery.

I am a huge fan of Becoming. It has honestly helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life and given me a new perspective.

It’s helped me see things differently, which in turn has helped me to come to some pretty useful realisations so that I can reframe my approach to decision making.

The structure of the course was excellent – I think each theme seamlessly flowed into the next and helped each person piece together their own story.

It was a really special experience for me. I feel very privileged to have shared it with this group of women and I’m very happy you are continuing in some form. We need more groups like this – it’s not everywhere we get to speak like this and be really heard. Thank you so much.

It was a new experience for me, in that I had never taken part in such a group, where there was a real focus on building connectedness, but also on becoming who we really are. It supported my life in many ways. The monthly meetups were food for my soul. By the end of each one, I felt lifted, energised and more connected to both myself and others.

I spotted a post on Instagram today and the caption starts with ‘I just needed to sit in a circle with some women’ – never was a truer sentence written! 
These circles are amazing and gave me a chance to think through ideas and topics I don’t normally dedicate sufficient time to.  We covered so many amazing topics.

It was a warm and comforting experience being around women who, despite differing circumstances, were all looking for the same thing. The thing that stood out to me most was everyone’s honesty and the lack of judgement. I felt every woman was accepted as they were, myself included, which felt like a big support to me.

I found the experience to be really positive. I loved our Sundays that we got to meet up. I found the environment really warm and inviting. I always left feeling accepted and lifted.

“Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through you. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.”

– Brene Brown

Picture of Niamh Gallagher

Hi there!

I am an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel that works with thoughtful, empathic and visionary women who want to create big change, healing and beauty in the world, but need help in seeing and believing in who they truly are and finding support along their path.

I’m also a mum to a lovely 10-year-old girl and live with my partner in Dublin, Ireland. For those who like to know these things (like me!) I’m an INFP, Enneagram Type 4, Libra sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising and a 6/3 Manifesting Generator.

I have spent many years navigating my own healing journey and finding ways to express my own voice and insights in ways that don’t fit into the mainstream, but instead plant seeds for a better world that we can all begin to move towards.

I believe women stepping into our power is crucial at this time. 

The world is deeply craving a new type of leader and it is time for wise, sensitive women to step in their truth, purpose and power and guide us all forward. 

But for this to happen, we need to reclaim all the traits in ourselves that were pushed to the sidelines in our culture over many thousands of years. 

My work helps you find the thread of meaning and truth at the heart of everything you’ve been experiencing in your life…and allows you to weave a new story that’s true to your soul.

When we heal and free ourselves to be exactly who we are, we contribute to healing our planet.

I’d love to get to know you too… 🙂  

I look forward to seeing you there!


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

or connect with me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing more