Welcome into our 12-month Circle!



I’m so excited to have you join The Return!

This will be no ordinary course experience. The Return is instead a container for the activation of your inner Wise Woman – a guided path into the power and potential of your work your true value, your most potent soul offerings and a planting of seeds for the new world you are here to co-create, just by being you.

Together we will walk each other towards who we have come here to be…with ease, joy, safety, support and pleasure 🙂

This is business as entirely unusual!


But first, I need you to make your payment in order to secure your place…



1. Monthly Payment Option


Your monthly payment plan of €225 per month over 12 months can be started by clicking the button below. Once you’ve made your first payment, your space in The Return is confirmed. Your card will be debited for €225 on this same date each month thereafter.

2. Full Payment Option


To pay in full, plus receive one month for free (total: €2,475), just click on the button below:


If you have any questions, please just let me know. I’m happy to help 🙂


Many thanks,