Cosmology of the Rose

The Feminine Path of Creating, Leading & Living

Cosmology of the Rose is a 4-week mini mystery school and experience of the deep teachings of the Rose.


It is a revelation of hidden stories of Feminine Consciousness and the foundations of a new way of living on the Earth.

The Rose contains an ancient origin story on which to build our future.

And the wisdom we need to step into our role as co-creators of a new restorative and regenerative reality.


There are teachings that soothe and help us cope with this world.

Then there are teachings like Cosmology of the Rose…that show us how to recreate our world from the roots up. So those problems no longer even exist.

This is a creation story. That helps you understand your power, potential and beauty.

And everything in your life changes in response to it.

Why the Rose?

Within the Rose is coded a whole new way of understanding life and how we can live it.

It is the forgotten path of Feminine knowledge and wisdom. The Feminine mysteries were once widely understood and practiced, but over time were forced underground and into forgotten parts of our psyches.

Though we call it ‘the Feminine’, it is not gendered. Its teachings lie completely outside our current paradigm and offer an understanding of life that can heal and liberate us from the pain of patriarchy, capitalism and the various intersecting oppressive systems we have lived under for a very long time.

The way of the Rose is not about transcending or escaping our reality, but feeling it all and alchemising our experiences into beauty and wild medicine. It’s about understanding the forgotten Feminine Face of God…and becoming it.

I believe that when you feel drawn to the Rose or to Mary Magdalene, you have likely walked this path more than once in previous lifetimes. You are here to remember your medicine. And to step into your true leadership and expression at this time.

Why ‘Cosmology’?

Feminine wisdom contains a totally different worldview. It has the potential to change how you see yourself, your role and how Life actually works.

Our world right now is built on a dysfunctional, patriarchal story. One that ensures we perpetuate cycles of suffering, deprivation, exhaustion and domination.

We are at a time when we desperately need to tell new stories. Truer stories. About what this world truly is and can be. To bring back to light a much older understanding of the laws of nature and creation. So that together we can birth a new way of living in harmony with each other and the planet.

The Rose contains this story.

It is the story of the Great Mother. It is a story of the creative and life-giving properties of Feminine energy. And it is encoded with the knowledge of how we come home to our own beauty and creative potential.

And, most of all, it just feels really good!


It’s time for women to step into our role as sacred creators of a new world.

But to do that we need to reclaim ourselves as God. To understand ourselves as powerful and Divine. That our ideas are important. Our bodies, emotions and creative ideas holy and needed.

We cannot do this while also conforming to a culture that elevates one side of humanity.

Reclaiming our Divinity means reclaiming the original stories of the Feminine God. And reinstating her in our lives and our culture.

A woman looks directly ahead with piercing eyes, her head and the lower half of her face covered by a white veil.

The Experience

Cosmology of the Rose will be taught in four live 90-min classes at 7pm UTC on Mondays during November and supplemented with extra resources, such as recorded yoga nidras, group readings and optional extra personal support.

All classes will be recorded.

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Live Classes

Image of the rose as a spiral pattern

Old Maps to Guide Us in a New Direction


Workshop 1: Monday 6th November 7-8:30pm UTC

In this workshop, we look at the ancient map of the Feminine encoded in The Rose.

And how this map is also a map towards a new way of showing up in our lives, work and moving into a new kind of leadership in co-creative partnership with the Earth and the cycles of life.

This is the embodied Feminine Path to Enlightenment – the path of descent and rising, remembering and forgetting, action and surrender.

We also learn the map of the Venus Path of Business & Creation – it is a path of seven steps that we move through in our lives and in our work and holy businesses. It’s the antithesis to striving and extracting.

This is also the story of the original sacrament of Holy Communion. Yes, this sacrament has its roots in something much more deep, ancient and embodied than what we now practice.

Image of the rose as a spiral pattern

Your Soul Name


Workshop 2: Monday 13th November 7-8:30pm UTC

The original sacrament of baptism in feminine mystery schools took place when a woman had come to an understanding of her true soul name. When she had been guided into knowing who she truly was and came here to be.

Understanding who you are is the foundation of everything you express and create in your life.

We go on a journey through the Feminine archetypes to give you some deep food for thought on how to understand your true role in the collective at this time. And to step into your unique leadership.

This is the next step in claiming your true soul name, purpose, leadership and gifts.

A woman's hand holds a red apple. She is wearing a silver ring in the shape of a snake or serpent. The imagery reminds us of the story of the Garden of Eden.

Return to the Garden of Eden


Workshop 3: Monday 20th November 7-8:30pm UTC

Was the story of Eve the original story of feminine leadership, hiding in plain sight?

We retell the myth of the Garden of Eden as a story of feminine initiation very useful for us in these times.

When we retell this origin story, we can step into our true co-creative role on this planet. These are new ways to understand power and creativity and a higher story of what manifestation can truly be.

We also learn the story of the original feminine sacrament of the Eucharist.

Stepping Away from the Table


Workshop 4: Monday 27th November 7-8:30pm UTC

What got us here won’t get us there.

We dive into what co-creation actually means in practice, how to tap into new realities and create from the Goddess field / the field of possibilities.

We retell the Virgin Birth as symbolic tale of feminine creation, thousands of years older than the bible.

What happens when we reject the ideas of success, value, money and a ‘good life’ that are being sold to us and instead source our inspiration from somewhere more inspiring and life-giving?

What happens when we co-create with the Earth and the Cosmos? What if our role in the life is more dynamic and playful than we have been taught?

This is a vision of the future through the eyes of the Feminine. It’s a vision of what could be if we knew how powerful and creative we really are. It’s a story of the Feminine principles are how to embed them in our everyday lives so they can restore us all.

It’s time to step into your Rose Leadership.


Extra Resources

Picture of a joyful woman swirling around with her bright pink skirts making a wise circle around her with the motion of the dance

Your Personal Feminine Archetype Reading

A mini reading of your personal archetypes and access to my resources on each to help you understand more about your true soul role and gifts and unique type of feminine leadership you are here to offer.

Yoga Nidra Meditations

Three specially-created yoga nidra meditations to help integrate and embody the teachings of this course.

Group Healing with Rose Energy

An energy healing session to connect to and further activate your connection to the Lineage of the Rose, connecting with Mary Magdalene and Isis.

This will come with channeled guidance specifically for the members of this group, to give insight, guidance and support with understanding these teachings further.

Online Home

All class recordings will be stored in a private online site for you to access and rewatch, so you never miss anything.

We’ll have a space to chat and ask questions, share learnings and ideas between the live classes on Mighty Networks (ethical Facebook alternative)

Who is this for?

Cosmology of the Rose is for you if:


  • You are deeply interested in feminine and feminist spirituality – unearthing and rediscovering a way of living that nourishes our bodies, the Earth and our relationship to nature’s cycles.

  • You have a background of some kind in spiritual, energetic or esoteric practices and are open to channeled knowledge.

  • You are interested in reimagining how we live and work in order to create a more beautiful, harmonious and just future. You sense there is a greater leadership you are here to offer…and it’s different to anything you were brought up with. You may resonate with leaning into softness, magic, partnership, playfulness, liberation and possibility.

  • You were perhaps brought up with a Catholic or Christian faith but don’t resonate with the patriarchal aspects of these religions. You are seeking a retelling of these old stories to include women and the Feminine. (But even if you weren’t brought up this way, these religious teachings are at the basis of so many systems and institutions that run our world. They effect us all, one way or the other.)

  • You are drawn to Mary Magdalene and the lineage of the Rose. You may even have your own personal and powerful relationship with this lineage. Perhaps you have revelations of your own you are seeking to understand or integrate.

  • You are interested in expanding your ideas about power and manifestation and incorporate them into your spirtual practice and sacred work. You want your life to feel like a sacred offering. You want to find a way of living that’s less about exhaustion and striving…and more about support, flow, delight, wild creativity and imagination.

  • You are ready for new change and expansion and would appreciate a container that allows you to unravel old ideas and plant to seeds of new ways of living, creating and expressing yourself.

  • You are longing for rich conversation with thoughtful women, support and understanding from a circle of others on a similar path.

Who am I?

My story with this work

Picture of Niamh Gallagher

Hi, I’m Niamh,

I’m an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel that works with thoughtful, empathic and visionary women who want to create big change, healing and beauty in the world.

I have been channeling Mary Magdalene for many years and using her guidance in my work.

But earlier this year, as I sat down to connect with her energy, I felt a new and very strong energy move into my body out of nowhere. Something new was trying to connect. I kept seeing vibrant swirls of red and gold, and felt like rose oil was pouring down through the centre of my body. I asked the energy what it was and heard “Rose Frequency”.

Over the months ahead, I would receive images and maps and insights into the origins of many holy sacraments as they would have occured originally in Feminine Mystery Schools of the past.

The images are so real and detailed that I sense this is a remembering of what once was practiced in Rose Mystery Schools. A remembering of a kind of feminine spirituality and way of viewing and moving through the world that is deeply powerful and honouring of our humanity.


Our current religions, in fact, seem like they were built on a foundation of the original Feminine practices. They took what was originally there and changed its meaning to fit a patriarchal narrative.

I began to understand this is a new cosmology. An ancient story updated for modern times. A new story of the world and how it works. A new story of who we are.

It’s a way of reclaiming the Feminine Face of God in ourselves and the world. Of remembering our power as alchemists, priestesses and creators.

I don’t have all the answers yet (I suspect these revelations will come in waves over years to come!) but I have some fascinating teachings so far. I’d love to share all I’m learning with you so that it can nourish and transform you too.

Will you join me?


A statue of the Virgin Mary in a Catholic church, with her hands joined in prayer and a gold crown on her head

“People think they are seeing the world and that they understand what it is, but they don’t.

Human beings have denied the real world so that they could build another world on top of it of their own.”

– from ‘The Way of the Rose’ by Clark Strand & Perdita Finn

The Exchange

Option 1: Course Fee

€290 single payment


2 equal payments of 145

Option 2: Course plus one-to-one session

Participation in the course plus your own personal 90-minute one-to-one session with Niamh

to include channeled and Human Design guidance to help you take your next steps and receive insight into any area of your life and work

450 single payment


2 equal paymets of 225


Testimonials from Other Offerings

Beginning this experience I thought that it would be very different from anything that I had done before but it was so much more. It was like peeling back layers to get to the core of who I truly am. It was like meeting the real me for the first time.

Working with Niamh is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Her innate ability to read energy gives her access to an amount of inner wisdom which is incredible. This wisdom guided and underpinned each weeks session and the level of work was so deep that I’m still processing it.

Niamh is absolutely the best facilitator that I have ever worked with. The Return was a massive body of work, which felt like a tapestry being woven every week with each bit of knowledge being imparted expertly by Niamh.

Fionnuala English

Skincare Expert & Intuitive Healer

The space Niamh creates helps you to realize how much potential we possess. It’s about becoming more authentically aligned with your own unique path, a remembering.

Jemma Kenny

Creator, Goddess Candles

My experience working with Niamh was phenomenal.

With her insight and support I was able to truly see what my soul gifts are and how to share them with others.

I feel so much more grounded in my business and that my unique vision is a much needed message for these times. It feels incredibly expansive to have the guidance that Niamh offers. I truly appreciate her no nonsense approach while at the same time being empathetic and compassionate when challenges may arise.

Melissa Birss

Women's Sexuality Coach,

I wanted real, authentic connection within a space and group that were consciously and intentionally doing things differently in business, paving the way for purposeful work and leadership.

Niamh definitely is a role model of this and guided us with such integrity to deepen into what that looked and felt like for us all.

Melanie Taylor

Intuitive Healer & Guide, The Wholly Grail

The Return was a deeply transformative space and place for me. What was returned to me was the arrival at a new place within myself, like a primal knowing of myself, like never before.

The circle of women were incredible, and the support, learnings and growth were phenomenal, but I guess that’s no surprise because Niamh Gallagher is so attuned, nurturing and pioneering. I am forever grateful.

Nadine McCarthy

Leadership Coach


What if I can't make every class?
No problem! All live classes will be recorded and available for you to catch up on any time for six months following course completion.

If you have any questions, you can submit them to me at any time during the month of the course and I will answer you in our Mighty Networks group chat or in the live classes.

I am available to help you understand and integrate these teachings throughout the month of this mystery school.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel your place in the course for any reason up to 7 days in advance of the start date on 6th November and receive a full refund.

From 1st November, no refunds will be offered. Please be mindful of this in making your decision to sign up.

As soon as you book on to this course, I begin weaving the energy for the group that is forming.

Should I go with the course only or include the 1:1 session?

The extra one-to-one session with me is ideal if you would love to connect more deeply and receive insight and guidance into your big questions about your life and work that can’t be looked after in a group setting.

You might be curious about your soul purpose, how to understand your life path, how to step further into your true work and message, how to heal and move through blocks…it’s up to you!

Depending on what support you’re seeking, I’ll use energy work, channeled guidance and Human Design information to give you the answers and insight to support and empower you right now.

I'm still not sure this is for me - can you help?

Of course! If you have read the ‘Who is this for? ‘ section above and are still not sure, please just reach out to me at [email protected] or via Instagram DM’s @_niamh_gallagher

I’m very happy to help you decide, one way or the other. It’s important to me that you feel at home here. If it’s not for you, I can suggest other options more suited to where you’re at.

I’m really looking forward to sharing all I have been learning with you!

This work is a beautiful remembering for us all.