Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions can take place in-person at my therapy room in Dublin 4, or remotely to your home location anywhere in the world

 What to Expect:


  • We begin with a chat to see what is going on for you and what you are hoping for support with
  • full reiki energy healing to rebalance, heal and restore (the longer-than-usual appointment time allows the reiki treatment to last as long as it needs to really make the difference)
  • Channeled intuitive guidance on what is going on for you right now and what you most need. This can be deeply insightful soul guidance, full of useful takeaways and ‘aha’ moments
  • Personalised Bach flower remedy blend, if desired – or recommendations for the best remedies to source yourself – to continue the energy shift after your session



I used to struggle a lot with situations in various areas of my life due to overwhelming emotions. I came to Reiki after a very stressful year and after trying different techniques.

Niamh was recommended by a friend and I can never thank that friend enough for her recommendation.

After a few sessions I felt more grounded and empowered, and as I went along I was able to deal with my emotions instead of having them ruling my daily life. A lot of release and letting go occurred.

I can only recommend Niamh to anybody who is willing and looking to improve their overall wellbeing, no matter what their issues are.

Niamh is one of the most caring, honest and humble practitioners I have met. Most importantly she is able to create and hold that space for you to simply be. It is worth giving it a go as it will definitely start to change your life.


Lost, confused and absolutely exhausted is how I would have described myself before going into Niamh. 

My sessions with her were transformative. I think that the restorative process was multi-layered. On one level, Niamh has an amazing presence and such a comforting way. She would sit down with me and just listen for the first part of my session. She would hear me talk about what was on the surface and help me work through things.

But she also helped me to pull back the layers and get to the root of what might be causing my emotional reactions to things. She followed up every session with resources, links to articles or tips on how to move forward.

On another level I think that empowering myself to take this window of time to stop and just be in my own skin, without all the distractions of life, was amazing. I have a hard time setting aside time to meditate as regularly as I would like, but knowing that I would be able to clear my mind and re-set at our sessions became a necessity for me for that 6-month period.

And the final level of the process was the energy work that Niamh did with me. She helped me to see that there was much, much more going on and that there were core aspects of myself that I was stifling. She worked very hard to help me tap back into the joy in my life.

I feel like our sessions unlocked parts of myself that hadn't seen the light of day in a long time. I am so much stronger and happier as a direct result of my reiki sessions with Niamh.

I would absolutely recommend Niamh to anyone who is ready to make changes, who wants to shift their perspective, find inner strength or who just wants to stop and reset. I cannot speak more highly of Niamh and what she does.
Jessica Ryan

Dublin 4

The Details


Reiki Session: 90 min



Reiki Session: €130 

Getting Here and Parking:

For in-person appointments, the address is 68 Irishtown Road, Dublin 4.
If you’re driving, there’s free on-street parking in the area and your best bet would be to look at finding a spot in the car park just outside Irishtown Stadium, at the top of Seapoint Terrace.
If you’re on public transport, buses 1 & 47 go from the city centre to the Irishtown Road stop right by here.
It’s also an easy walk from the city centre or surrounding areas.

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