Healing, Grounding, Guidance and Conversation



During this year’s lockdown, I organised some lovely reiki circles and they were so popular that I’ve decided to make them a monthly event for the rest of this year!

To help us navigate this very intense year in a grounded, guided and (relatively!) calm way, I would love to provide a space to come together and receive support and reiki healing. And just to have the opportunity to have the kinds of conversations we don’t always get a chance to have in our regular social circles!

All the upheaval we’re experiencing means this time is ripe with opportunities for deep transformation and healing – if we choose it. If we can get comfortable for a while with not having any answers and with letting “normal” fall away, we can allow the clearing energy moving through the world to do its work on us too.

And come out the other side clearer on who we are and what we need.

And so I would love to invite you to attend any or all or these monthly gatherings taking place at 7pm. You can choose to come to as many as you like, according to your own needs.


What You Can Expect


Each gathering will last 1 hr 45 mins and comprise the following:

  • A friendly group chat to get to know each other a little
  • A short guided meditation to set intentions for what you would like to get from the reiki treatment
  • An hour of powerful, healing distance reiki
  • Channeled guidance that came through for the group during the session
  • A 3-card oracle card reading for the group for clarity and direction


How I Hope You Will Feel:



  • Nourished through connection with like-minded people
  • Comforted by the healing and channeled guidance you receive as a group
  • Lighter and calmer due to energy rebalancing
  • Inspired to reconnect to or build on your own personal reiki practice
  • Calm and clearer on your next steps
  • Supported through this time of so much change and uncertainty

Q & A’s

Does distance healing work?
Yes! Just as well as in-person healing. And sometimes it works even better. The beauty of it is that you get to stay in your own bed and drift off afterwards.
How does a group healing work?
I am able to tap into the energy of the group and set the intention that every person in that group receives a full reiki treatment. It works amazingly well and I’ve received wonderful reports from many who have participated in other group healings this year.

The guidance that comes through will be group guidance, so not personalised like a normal 1:1 reiki session. Whatever is the predominant issue for a group will be what comes though in the energy reading and the oracle card reading. But everyone is likely to benefit from the guidance in one way or another.

How do I access the circle?
The circle will be held on Zoom and once you’ve signed up, I’ll be in touch with the details, including a link for you to click in order to join us.

Book Your Place



There is just one date left for this year – Tuesday December 1st at 7pm. You’re very welcome to attend – no matter your experience with reiki – and I’d love to see you there 🙂

Simply click on the booking option below and follow the steps for payment. Once you’ve paid, your place is confirmed and you’ll receive an email with all the details.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

If you have any other questions before or after you book, please just let me know by email and I’ll be happy to help: [email protected]


Niamh x