Reiki Level 2 Course

Deepen Your Healing Skills & Develop Your Intuition


You’ve taken a Reiki 1 Course and have been working with Reiki energy for at least 6 weeks…

…but you’re curious as to what more Reiki can offer you.

A great deal more, as it turns out!

Reiki 2 offers a huge leap in how you can relate to and work with Reiki energy and is an important step towards personal mastery. 

Now that you’re familiar with Reiki, we look to build your knowledge and confidence…and open more deeply to your intuition. You will begin to move from a more structured practice to one which encourages you to work with your own deep inner guidance in how you channel Reiki.

You will learn to work with 7 different Reiki symbols, channelling different aspects of the energy for healing various emotional/mental/spiritual needs.

You will also learn to send distance healing.

Reiki 2 is also a requirement if you wish to ever practice Reiki professionally, though most people use Reiki only for their own healing and self-development.


My Home:

Irishtown, Dublin 4

How Much?

€295 per person


€150 (for those who have completed Reiki 2 previously – with me or another teacher)



Saturday 16th &

Sunday 17th November

10am-5pm each day

What You Can Expect


The course includes all of the following:  

  • Attunement to the further 4 rays of reiki healing energy which deepens your healing ability and connection to your true self
  • Learn the Reiki Level 2 symbols (3 Usui Symbols & 4 additional symbols)
  • Learn how to use these new symbols to channel the aspects of Reiki most needed to heal various issues
  • Learn and practice Byosen scanning as a means of working intuitively and in flow with Reiki energy
  • Give and receive a full reiki treatment using new scanning and symbols learning
  • Learn how to perform Reiki at a distance so you can send Reiki across time and space
  • Revise your knowledge of and delve further into working with the chakras 
  • Perform breaking of energetic ties between people or situations
  • Expand your understanding of Karma and learn to perform a Karma clearing
  • Learn more about practices to ground, protect & cleanse your energy as you work with others
  • Learn to heal events
  • Learn about practicing Reiki in a professional capacity

You’ll Also Receive:

  • Your Reiki Level 2 Certificate
  • A 2-hour follow up session with your fellow students, approx. 4 weeks after the course to support you in your Reiki practice. At this session, you can ask any questions that may have arisen since the course, revise anything you’re not sure of, give and receive a reiki treatment.
  • Continued support from me by phone and email to ensure you get the most from your reiki experience

Is This Course For You?

Yes! If you have completed Reiki Level 1 with me or another teacher and you are curious to learn what more Reiki might have to offer you.

Whether you wish to offer Reiki professionally, add it to another healing modality you practice…or just (like most people!) use it for yourself and your loved ones.

Reiki at all levels is available to us all. You don’t have to meet any criteria or have the answers to everything…you just need to be open to finding out more about Reiki and open to seeing where your Reiki journey might lead you!

Reiki is safe, natural and complementary….and easy!

Through the practice of Reiki we get to know ourselves better. We open to who we truly are and trust in our own inner guidance.

You will have plenty of space and support to grow your confidence in working with Reiki over this weekend course.

See FAQ section below for further info…


I’d like people to know that you are a wonderful teacher – you present all the information so clearly and you are able to bring in all the spiritual elements and make them relatable.

You are very open and share your experiences on your spiritual journey in a way that makes Reiki seem very accessible to anyone.

And you help your students build the trust in themselves.

Bernie Creaner

I absolutely loved the course – meeting new people, the gift of the initiation, the practical work and meditations…even working through the paper work!

It was such a positive and life changing experience, mainly because of you Niamh and your true gift of teaching, supporting and sharing your deep understanding of all things reiki and keeping it real!

Jemma Kenny

Great supportive teaching space, I always learn so much from Niamh and I love how I meet like-minded individuals on these courses.

I loved the space in your house - think this is much more personal and cosy than a rented room

Fiona English

The environment was perfect, numbers were small and this made the experience very personal. Your course is excellent!

Anne Marie O'Connor

Your Teacher

I was first introduced to reiki 17 years ago and was amazed at how I felt so much calmer, stronger and connected back to myself after a session.

Working with reiki has taught me so much about what’s true. Both about myself…and also the world we inhabit. It has helped me through some very tough times of change and illness in my life and guided my path to a life that is now much more in tune with who I truly am.

While Reiki is a spiritual and healing tool, it is also very practical and easy to learn. There is no need to believe in anything when you come for a reiki training. It’s a complementary therapy that fits well with any belief system. You just need to be open to learning.

On my courses, you are free to experiment and ask questions in a safe space, growing your knowledge and confidence as you go. Everyone is welcome!

I look forward to teaching and guiding you on your Reiki journey 🙂

Niamh x


More about me….



What if I Did Reiki 1 with Another Teacher?

Every teacher will have their own unique approach and bring a new perspective to what you’re learning. You are always welcome to learn Reiki with whatever teacher you feel drawn to.

If you would like to find out more about what it would be like to learn Reiki Level 2 with me, I am happy to answer any of your queries in person, on the phone or by email. See contact details here.

I have already done a Reiki 2 Course. Can I do it again with you?

Yes, of course! I studied Reiki 2 with two different teachers myself!

I offer a special half price refresher fee of €150 for anyone who is repeating Reiki 2 – whether you first studied with me or another teacher.

What if I Need Further Support?

Each student receives a follow-up two-hour session to ask any questions and discuss any issues. You will also give and receive a full reiki treatment with me. I will also be available for any questions you may have by phone or email.

Who Can I Practise On?

Following your Reiki Level 2 course, you will be able to practice on yourself and on friends and family. You are also free to practice professionally and during the course we will discuss the foundations of how to set up a professional practice.

What about Reiki Level 3?

I run regular courses in Reiki 1, 2 & 3, so students can progress up the levels, if they wish. However, the is no requirement that you do. Reiki 2 may be all you are interested in. You can choose to complete further Reiki courses with me, or with another teacher of your choice anywhere. If you wish to teach Reiki at any stage, you will need to complete Reiki Level 3.

Can I get my deposit back if I cancel?

If you cancel more than 14 days in advance of the Reiki course you have booked, then yes, just get in touch and I will cancel your place and refund your full deposit.

If you need to cancel 14 or fewer days before the course you’re booked onto commences, then I am afraid your deposit will be 100% non-refundable.

If you have any questions before booking, please let me know by contacting me on 087 9716937 or at [email protected]

Niamh x