It’s important we understand the energy of a year. So we don’t fight it.

Sure, some years are for actively creating our lives. But there are years when life is actually creating us…and we are not in full control!

Sometimes we are the artist. But often, we are the canvas.

Some years we become masterful and feel in control of our lives. But during others, we are humbled.

We are shown how much we have been living false lives, out of alignment with our truth and our place in the grander scheme of things.

As we begin our journey with 2021, you might be like me and still in that quiet place of listening and learning? Not yet ready to make plans.

The truth is, life has its own agenda we are not always privy to. And Earth has her own sovereignty and ability to form her destiny.

The planet is not just here to be a passive player, as we take from her and use her to play out our dreams.

She has dreams too. And a course she is charting.

In 2020 she asked us if we are ready to come into alignment with her agenda too – not just our own.

To understand our true place.

To do this, we had to experience a breaking down of so many things we were building. So we could examine the foundations.

Are they selfish foundations? Or are they serving not just ourselves but a greater agenda of healing, beauty, nurturing and regeneration?

Are we living in ways that are old and tired and not true to who we really are at a soul level?

Are we hiding our wisdom, afraid to use our voice and our power?

How much are we in tune with the forward movement of the world around us? And where do we need to let go some more, so we can truly begin anew?

2021 presents a fresh start, for sure. But let’s make sure that before we begin to plan and create, we understand what we have been taught.

So much is possible. But first, brand new, sustainable foundations are required.

What is yours to build this year?

Happy New Year!