Sunday Sanctuary at Kerala Kitchen Dublin
Community, Nourishment & Rest...for Mothers


It’s a monumental task we’re asked to perform as modern mothers:

to do the important, demanding work of nurturing our children…while being so unsupported ourselves.

Are you longing for a better way?

Let’s Gather

Gather is an invitation to begin to do things differently.

A new monthly event at which you can connect back to yourself, rest, restore, be nourished …and connect with like-minded mothers going through similar experiences to you.

Are you feeling:

  • that motherhood is not supposed to be done alone?
  • that all the competing “rules” around mothering feel too restrictive and joyless?
  • you’d like to feel more rested, more supported and more free to be yourself as a mother?
  • there must be a better way of mothering that doesn’t call for so much depletion?

Are you longing for:

  • more support than you’re currently getting?
  • more care for yourself, so that you can bring your best to your family?
  • genuine connection with other mothers in your community (not just online)?
  • rest and relaxation – to counteract sleep deprivation and constantly being “on the go”?
  • a chance to talk honestly (and make sense of!) the challenges and the joys you are facing?

 How would it feel to have a place to come each month where you switch off and get cared for for one precious Sunday morning?

To find quiet and calm again and to fill yourself back up – renewing your energy and resources.

To hang out with like-minded women in the same boat as you?

To receive support through honest conversation and laughter?

To gather together in community and receive nourishment in the form of delicious healthy food, a beautiful space, deep relaxation and rest (with blankets, cushions and candlelight) and connection

The Details

Deep Relaxation

This is maybe the most important part of the workshop!

You’ll be getting extremely comfy – lying down, covered in blankets, with lavender-scented eye pillows – and listening to a beautiful guided deep relaxation and easy meditation to calm and restore the mind and body.


Our theme in May is the ‘Myths of Motherhood’

We’ll be doing some reflection and chatting about the beliefs we have about how a mother should behave/ feel/ look. Who do we believe we should be, now that we are mothers? And where has our ‘old self’ gone?

We’ll delve into where our ideas about motherhood really came from and what beliefs we would either keep or ditch, depending on whether they’re right for us.


The workshop ends with a leisurely lunch of delicious, healthy food.

After so many classes and workshops, we rush off to other parts of our lives.

This time, we’d like to take the chance to treat ourselves to good food and good conversation…forming new bonds and friendships



The lovely upstairs space

at Union Cafe 68 Deerpark Road, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin 

How Much?


€40 per person

(includes workshop & lunch)



Sunday 20th May


Feedback on our 'Gather' events

Loved, loved this morning! Thank you both so much. Really nice relaxation and conversation time. Lunch at the end is a great idea and a lovely chance to talk and get to know people better. I don’t think I’d change anything. Please keep running these!!

Fab to have a room with a sea view! I loved the group discussion – could have continued for hours. I really loved it & felt nurtured by it. Thank you very much!

Everything was just amazing. Thank you for your support.

Fantastic morning. Incredible to find out that other mums face exactly the same issues that I do – what a relief – maybe I am slightly normal! When’s the next workshop?!

This workshop today has been a soothing and restorative balm for me. Life has been really hard in the midst of great happiness and today reminded me that I’m still sane and I’m not alone 🙂

The venue is such a lovely bright and airy room. The food was delicious!

Absolutely lovely! Definitely so needed. Can we do it again…next week?!


Sara is a mother of 3 and brings her years of experience with Child & Family services and Community Work to this group. She is a women’s coach in training and feels passionately that women need more support and recognition, particularly in the early years of parenting. She is also a Cuidiú volunteer with a specific interest in mothers mental health and support.

Niamh is a Dru meditation & a yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep!) teacher, reiki healer & award-winning wellness blogger. She believes in making meditation easy for everyone and uses guided visualisations, deep mindful breathing and relaxation to help rewire your brain and nervous system for calm, ease and joy. Her own experience of motherhood opened her eyes to the pressures mothers are under and the deep need to be cared for ourselves while we care for our children. She loves the well-known African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” and wants to provide an experience of the ‘village’ to support Irish mothers at a time they most need it.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions, please feel to drop me a line at [email protected]

Niamh & Sara