Yoga Nidra For You


Here are two lovely yoga nidra meditations to help you relax and focus on care, rest and restoration for yourself. Yoga nidra meditation is a lovely way to calm your nervous system, improve your sleep and even get spontaneous insights into challenges and problems.

This audios here take you straight to the yoga nidra. However, you may wish to prepare yourself to relax first by stretching your body (or dancing around the room) to release tension. Another idea is to tense and release all the muscles of the body, one by one, to allow yourself to settle. Finally, you might like to take some long, deep breaths to slow down your heart rate and calm the mind.

You can listen while lying in your bed. However, it might be an idea to set yourself up on your bedroom floor, with blankets, mat and cushions…as the body is used to taking its cues for sleep from getting into bed, so you might not stay awake long enough to get the benefits! 

If you are a mother of a young baby, feel free to listen to this with baby snuggled close on your bed or breastfeeding. 

Make sure you are covered in enough blankets to be warm and cosy, with a pillow under your head and – if you have one! – an eye pillow or mask over your eyes.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Niamh x