Got a Question about a Challenge in Your Life?

Curious as to what life holds in store for you? Or the meaning behind your experiences?

We all have a soul blueprint. A reason why we’re here and the deep wisdom behind our experiences.

We’re not taught to live our lives in alignment with our soul’s blueprint but life flows much more easily when we follow our truth and purpose.

For years, I’ve been using intuitive readings as signposts to guide me and others in my life. Now I’d like to offer this support to you as a way of connecting back to yourself. A way to shed an interesting little light on the path ahead of you 🙂


Choose Your Favourite!

Clarity Reading



  • Channelled Soul guidance on what your life is calling on you to either embrace or let go of. Who are you becoming? What parts of you want to be expressed in the coming year and in what way? In what parts of your life will you find your greatest rewards?
  • A three-card oracle/goddess card draw to give further pointers on your life direction
  • A 12-16 page beautifully designed pdf with a detailed reading and your card draw, with my thoughts on what it might all mean for you

Your reading will be sent to you within 10 days of completion of your order (hopefully sooner!)

Once you have made your payment, I will be in touch by email to check if there is anything in particular you’d me to focus on in your reading. This is your Clarity Reading and any questions or issues you’re curious about can be addressed in full confidentiality.

Alchemy Session & Reading


  • A full one-hour reiki energy healing session to nourish, heal & rebalance
  • A three-card oracle and goddess card draw to give further pointers on your 2019 direction
  • Detailed reading on what is going on for you right now and where your soul is guiding you for 2019…should you decide to follow its guidance!
  • A 12-16 page beautifully designed pdf with detailed synopsis of your healing, reading and card draw

Once you have made your payment, I will be in touch to organise a good time for you to receive your hour’s reiki session.

These sessions are designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, with your PDF reading to follow, but if you wish to receive your treatment in-person, this is also an option and can be easily arranged 🙂


What's it like to have a reading or a healing session with me?

Clarity Reading Feedback

Niamh, I can’t thank you enough for my reading!

I’ll be re-reading it many more times but it has resonated so, so much and I already feel the shift, the comfort in my path and clarity and excitement for the new year ahead.

You articulated so clearly and beautifully so many of the little ‘whispers’ I’d been hearing. I appreciate you and what you do so much. Thank you! Merle O'Grady

Crystal Jewellery Designer,

Wow, Niamh, that was some reading! I can’t thank you enough.

It makes complete sense and confirms what I’ve been feeling and thinking.

I think you are very unique and have such a natural gift. You are sincere, genuine and humble and these are rare qualities in the world of therapy/coaching/healing. Thank you so much. Kirsty Wick

Analytical Hypnotherapist,

Thank you, thank you so much for your reading. It brought tears of joy, reassurance, relief, hope to my eyes. 

I’m currently pretty speechless! My mind is busy processing!! It all resonates with me on some level. 
I will read and re-read it over the next few days…

Thank you again, Niamh. So lovely to have some validation and clarity that provides strength. 

Absolutely fascinated by your work and this reading came at a lovely time for me. Kristel

Oh my goodness this is such a good reading! It is so spot on. I think I know all this deep down but have been afraid to step into my power/truth.
This reading is just what I needed. It is so helpful to me.
Alison Barker


Feedback on Energy Healing (Alchemy Sessions)

I feel there is a right time and place for different types of therapies and have found counselling very good in the past.  But when I came to Niamh, I honestly felt a little talked out. I needed something more on an energetic level that couldn’t be put into words.

Niamh has an amazing gift of powerful intuition and hit the nail completely on the head when we were talking about what was going on for me at the time and how I was feeling.

The sessions with her helped me find a balance that I hadn’t felt in quite a while. I felt really understood, uplifted, calmer and stronger.  
Working with Niamh helped to bring me back to myself and grounded me at a time where I was feeling under a huge amount of pressure.  You will come away feeling lighter, stronger and with a feeling of being held – that really lasts.  I cannot recommend Reiki with Niamh highly enough.
Bernie Creaner


I used to struggle a lot with situations in various areas of my life due to overwhelming emotions. I came to Reiki after a very stressful year and after trying different techniques.

Niamh was recommended by a friend and I can never thank that friend enough for her recommendation.

After a few sessions I felt more grounded and empowered, and as I went along I was able to deal with my emotions instead of having them ruling my daily life. A lot of release and letting go occurred.

I can only recommend Niamh to anybody who is willing and looking to improve their overall wellbeing, no matter what their issues are.

Niamh is one of the most caring, honest and humble practitioners I have met. Most importantly she is able to create and hold that space for you to simply be. It is worth giving it a go as it will definitely start to change your life.


Reiki with Niamh was a relaxing, warm, comforting experience.

The feedback after the session was great, as it was completely accurate. She doesn’t tell people what they should be doing but more provides the healing and environment where ‘aha’ moments will happen for the client themselves.

During the session, I had a major shift in terms of life plan and verbalised what I have known I needed to do for a long time.


About Me

Hi, I’m Niamh

An intuitive reiki therapist, yoga nidra and meditation teacher.

I specialise in helping people navigate the big changes and transitions in their lives – be it becoming a parent, relationship break-up, losing a loved one, illness or new career direction.

Or just that little voice inside that keeps telling you there is something more you need.

I have an ability to deeply tune into your energy and emotions, giving clear feedback on what you most need to feel better, clarify what’s at root of the challenges and questions you may be facing and help you tune back into your own inner guidance to navigate your way back into alignment with your own soul’s blueprint.

What you’ll find out is probably a confirmation of your own deep knowing and intuition. But sometimes we need this outside validation of what we know is right for us, in order to trust ourselves. 

I bring total non-judgement, compassion and kindness to this work. What I really want to do is give you permission to be fully yourself. Because that is what the world needs from you!

Thank you and looking forward to working with you 🙂 If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to email on [email protected]

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


Niamh x