I’m noticing one word coming up in readings this year: trust.

When things fall apart, it can be tempting to try to hold on tighter and attempt some control.

But there’s a different way to relate to 2020 events that can feel foreign to us…but so much easier when we get the hang of it…


(I know! I have sooo much resistance to this in my body too 😊)

Trust your desires
Trust your dreams
Trust there is a purpose to all we’re going through and you haven’t been abandoned.

And, above all else, trust your own inner blueprint.

Huge change and disruption can be an opportunity to really assess the big picture of your life.

To get back in touch with the valuable lost parts of yourself.

What is it you really want? How do you want to feel in all areas of your life? How can you use this time to really get clear on what hasn’t been working in your life for quite a while – even if it was comfortable and familiar?

If we believe that there is a purpose to everything in this world and that nothing is here by accident, then you too are perfect exactly as you are.

Your instincts for what is right for you are perfect.

How can you begin to recreate your life now according to what you’ve always wanted for it? How can you live in a way that feels good? How can you choose a way of working and relating to others that nourishes you and everyone else?

Everything is up for grabs now and in the years ahead. We are actively reimagining and redrawing our world. And each one of us contributes by being exactly who we are.

Let’s start imagining more ease, comfort, nourishment and joy…