Are you curious about where the year ahead might be leading you?

This special Clarity Reading is a deep dive into what the energy of 2020 holds for you and who you are being called to become in the year ahead

These readings are not about predicting specific future events but instead about tuning into the energy of the coming year as it relates to your own journey.

What is the meaning of what you have been experiencing? 

What potential for change does 2020 hold…and how might you help that to happen?

Who are you at your very essence and what aspects of yourself is 2020 calling you to nurture and express?

Bring any questions you might have (about any aspect/s of your life) to this session and receive some deep insight into who you are at a soul level and how you can heal or move through challenges.

Because each year has its own unique energy and theme. And if you can harness it in the way that helps you grow and become more of who you are, then life feels much less confusing.

These clarity readings will get to the root of why you are experiencing certain challenges, how you can make sense of them and, crucially, how you can move forward into 2020 with wisdom, clarity and confidence. 

What comes up in your reading will be compassionately delivered and rarely a complete surprise. Most of the time, we know what is true for us at a deeper level – we just need someone to confirm and clarify our own inner knowing so that we can have the confidence to trust it.

The insights in each reading will be directly related to whatever questions or challenges you bring. For this reason, each clarity reading you have will have something new to offer, depending on your questions.


Who is this for?


A 2020 Clarity Reading is for you if you have a question about any or all aspects of your life for the year ahead.

If you really want to know the high level “why” behind your experiences…and the “how” for moving forward from here.


  • Would you love confirmation that you are moving in the right direction…or help with making a decision about your future?
  • Do you want to get to the bottom of a physical pain or illness that you suspect has an emotional cause?
  • Would you like to understand what may be at the root of a difficult experience you have been struggling with, such anxiety, career difficulties or a tricky relationship?
  • Do you feel exhausted or frustrated trying to push through your challenges all by yourself…and would love some higher guidance and a fresh perspective?
  • Are you going through a period of great change in your life and could benefit from spiritual support with navigating it and remembering who you are?

What You Can Expect…

Soul-Level Insight

I work with your soul centres – 19 energy portals where your soul’s energy enters your human energy field.

Soul centres can tell me who you are at a soul level, what your higher purpose is and what your life experiences are trying to teach you.

These soul centres also direct me to blocks that are holding you back from expressing your soul in your life…and what you can do to move through these blocks to become free to be exactly who you are.

Body Wisdom

Your body holds so much information! Emotions are stored in our bodies – sometimes for all of our lives.

Tapping into the energy held in various parts of your body allows me to “read” the feelings and beliefs you are carrying around with you which may be playing into any discomfort or pain you are experiencing.

It is amazing to me how much our body is constantly trying to communicate with us…and how being able to listen and understand leads to compassion and healing.


Channeled Guidance

I channel wisdom from various guides that I work with and also from your own higher self and spirit guides.

Oracle Cards

I use three oracle cards from a selection of beautiful packs to offer further insight, confirmation and wisdom to your reading.



It may become obvious to me during a reading what you might need to assist with healing or course correction in your life. If so, I am always happy to offer nutrition, flower essence and crystal recommendations…as well as classes, podcasts, books and articles that might be just what you need.


Thank you, thank you so much for your reading. It brought tears of joy, reassurance, relief, hope to my eyes. 

I'm currently pretty speechless! My mind is busy processing!! It all resonates with me on some level. 
I will read and re-read it over the next few days...

Wow, Niamh, that was some reading! I can't thank you enough.

It makes complete sense and confirms what I've been feeling and thinking.

I think you are very unique and have such a natural gift. You are sincere, genuine and humble and these are rare qualities in the world of therapy/coaching/healing. Thank you so much.

Kirsty Wick

Analytical Hypnotherapist,

Niamh, I can't thank you enough for my reading! I'll be re-reading it many more times but it has resonated so, so much and I already feel the shift, the comfort in my path, clarity and excitement for the new year ahead.

You articulated so clearly and beautifully so many of the little 'whispers' I'd been hearing. I appreciate you and what you do so much. Thank you!

Merle O'Grady

Crystal Jewellery Designer,

Oh my goodness this is such a good reading! It is so spot on. I think I know all this deep down but have been afraid to step into my power/truth.
This reading is just what I needed. It is so helpful to me.
Alison Barker


Honestly, your reading was like you lifted the lid into my soul and saw all the truth I was hiding in there!

I definitely feel like I have let go of some stuff


Wow, such a beautiful reading! Thank you so so much.

Honestly, I’ve read it multiple times and every time I have re-visited it, I see or take something new from it. I’ll be coming back to your reading to check in and remind myself of the encouraging and guiding words, so beautifully written.

I really appreciate it and I’m delighted I asked you to do the reading for me.

Naomi Rutherford

 How It Works…


  • Once you have booked your session, I will be in touch by email to ask you to let me know what area/s of your life you might like some insight/guidance/clarity on for the year ahead. It can really be about anything you’re curious about – from healing to relationships to career decisions and life direction.
  • I will then spend some time channeling detailed guidance for you, using my own guides, your soul’s wisdom and tapping into your energy field. I also include a 3-card oracle card reading for further clarity.
  • You can choose to receive your reading as either an audio file or a beautiful PDF report – it depends on your budget and how you prefer to take in information (listening or reading)!
  • Whether you chose to receive your reading as an audio file or a PDF, it will arrive to by email within approximately 2 weeks of your purchase. You will have this audio file to listen to as many times as you like throughout the year. It’s really nice to have your reading to consult whenever you need it during 2020.

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    Which Reading Should I Choose?


    You can choose to receive your reading as either an audio file (€95) or as a beautifully designed 12-16 page PDF (€120).

    The difference in price allows for the difference in time it will take me to record your reading versus compile it all in written form. (Usually, my Clarity Readings are delivered on Skype but the large volume of orders this time or year means the format changes a little for the year ahead readings, to help me keep up with demand!)

    As I work on your reading, I take pages and pages of written notes. For the audio recording, I will go through these notes, reading them out, adding in my own comments and summarising the main points at the end. It will sound a little bit like I’m chatting to you in person 🙂

    For the written report, I type up the notes, editing the report so it flows nicely and makes sense.

    There will be no difference in the amount of information you receive in either reading – it will be the very same whether read out or typed up. Which option you choose depends on how you like to take in information – listening or reading.

    If you have any questions in advance, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and I’ll be happy to help…

    Many thanks,



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